This just in: The North Coast Journal doesn’t like Walmart

Wow. What’s with the North Coast Journal and its anti-Walmart fixation? After secret photo montages and signage alerts, their latest eruption has been over an invitation to a grand opening.

Aaaagh! Scary stuff.

So in between knocking back some PBRs and laughing about Ryan Burns’ concern for Mark Lovelace’s penis, we put together a short list of things the NCJ might think about once the store is open and the world does not, despite their hysterics, come to a barbaric end. They might consider paying attention to:

  1. All the people who are then working and shopping at Walmart, whether or not the NCJ wants them to.
  2. The fact that the NCJ hasn’t been a very good news organization in a long time, and turns out to be an even crappier advocacy group.
  3. Oh and here’s one. Remember news? Yeah. You might think about paying some attention to that.

I can’t remember the last time I’ve been in a Walmart. I don’t particularly like the stores and don’t know if I’ll ever have a reason to go into this one. But despite the NCJ’s obsession with the retail giant, no one there has explained why we should all be up in arms about retail activity in a shopping mall. They haven’t clarified why Walmart’s so awful, but Target’s okay, as are Kohl’s, and Sears, and Kmart, etc. In short, they haven’t done shit but point fingers and laugh–which we love! But then we’re not pretending that what we do is news.

16 Responses

  1. The NCJ and especially its laughably arrogant publisher just want to make sure we all know they’re not the kind of trash that would ever work or shop at a Walmart. That’s because they’re so much better than everyone else.

    You don’t have to scratch the whole anti-Big Box people very hard before they start bleeding elitism.

  2. Maybe not, Word, but it sure would be fun to try.

  3. LOL Girlie.

  4. Guys, they’re not elitist. They’re just better and smarter than everyone else.

  5. Judy is very snobish, living in her Tuscan styled winery and I am sure that she only wants to shop at high end stores that also are supported by the papers other obsession, our undercover economy.

  6. Let me see if I have this straight. You, Bugs, can’t remember the last time you’ve been in a Walmart and don’t particularly like the stores, and your stock in trade is mockery. But if someone else engages in mockery, that’s somehow uncool?

  7. Follow up. Is this the way you think the North Coast Journal should have reported the story?

  8. Isn’t Judy trying to sell the NCJ ? Without much luck, opps …

    I guess the NCJ doesn’t want any advertising from that nasty mean horrible WalMart?

    Larry Glass doesn’t like WlMart either. Or Home Depot for that matter.

  9. Ryan Burns is upset that Walmart won’t carry his film Ape Canyon.

  10. Hummm, The NCJ hates Wal-Mart, hates the train, hates Rex, hates Virginia, hates anybody NOT Linda Atkins, I bet they hate goats too.
    Oh, to be the enlightened, transcendental souls at the NCJ….NOT!

    I will shop @ Wal-Mart, the majority of my acquaintance will shop @ Wal-Mart. Why? Not to spite Judy, in fact, Judy and her acolytes do not even impinge, we will shop there because we can. We shop where we want to and because that included Wally-World, Judy and the rest of the eleist igs can kiss my ass!

  11. OOps! Meant to type ‘elitest pigs’. But on second hand, that is really hurtful to those of the swine persuasion, so just say ‘elitest boobs’ instead

  12. If local stores sold what Wal-Mart sells, maybe local stores would see an increase in business. Alas though, for some reason, local stores would charge more money.

    Hey, just like a big box, “shop local” consumers will go to the business they desire to buy, buy, buy…..nothing says “shop local” helps reduce the floating island of plastic in the Pacific Ocean, it just says “shop local”. Hmmm, the war for the “local” almighty consumer dollar between “local advocates” and big box is converting how many consumers and to which business model? When ya filter out the politically motivated that promote “shop local”, whom else follows as a die-hard that makes-up any significant number of consumers which would not have been swayed by any promos because they made their minds up years ago or it is just the “fad” thing to do?

    Shop where ya want to. – HOJ

  13. Don’t you think Josephine that the NCJ is sadly petulant over something…..yes a store (that employs 170 people) is not somewhere confortably within its comfort zone?

    Judy is as Judy does and Judy doesn’t do well with retailers at all because they do not share her rather unique vision as to the acceptable business investments in “her” community.

    For this dog, seven o Heaven is about the only saving quality of a publication that while once was relevant is now, well, rather self serving. Good thing it’s free. I mean for cripes sake when was the last time a palm tree graced its cover?

    Ok Walmart is a seminal issue for Judy and the rest. I probably won’t spend a lot of time there, but I think it makes sense for those who will. I lack the arrogance to wish to deprive them of the opportunity.

    I do miss the NCJ, when it was relevant.

    I’ll save the “Elitist Boobs” comment for another time.

  14. Only himself.. wonder how much he deflates when he removes that ridiculous belt buckle…

  15. Meaning a response to 10:02 and his reference to Larry the louse

  16. does anyone remember Lovelace’s zero sum game mantra? Haven’t heard that baloney since that sanctimonious twit screwed us out of our own Home Depot store ..Guess what?.. now I drive to Crescent City to save $300-$500 That fool ought to have his wages garnished for making us waste the time and gas we wouldn’t have otherwise spent.

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