In post-election gesture of longing and loss, GPU Option A kisses its own sweet ass goodbye

Whoa, friends!

Fennell upsets the apple cart!!

Seidner gets Bohned!

Looks like there’s finally going to be a General Plan Update. And this is just a guess, but I don’t think our proggy friends are gonna like it one bit.


24 Responses

  1. As long as it involves Lark Movelace screaming like the little girl that he is…I am fine with that! What would be best: Himself giving a little talk on birth control…you know…putting action behind the words. Oh, wait, this is the proggie standard-bearer and it’s all talk, all the time which is what got us where we are today! Cheers to the 3rd, where we will be royally screwed for 4 more years!

  2. We fixed that one for you, Jo….

  3. Thank-you! I just get so carried away!

  4. Effing best election analysis I’ve seen so far. Gets right to the point.

  5. Wow, guess the progs took a beating yesterday. That should mix things up a bit. And to think that all of that happened with all the advocacy from the Heraldoites pushing the prog ticket. So much for that wasted time and effort. Ha ha ah ha ah ahah haaa!!!!

  6. Mark is going to find out what it feels like to be Linda Atkins. A lone shrieking voice of unreasonable stupidity amid a sea of normal people. Have fun Mark.

  7. Mark, Jen, Ken, etc. lost it big time and because of their greed they will get little of what they could have gotten when they had Bonnie in charge. Thank God they put their eggs in the Girrard, Hoffwebber, Spencer basket who wanted it all rather than take an incremental step. This election was a referendum on the GP and Option A, or as Cliff says B+, and the public has spoken. Now the new Board can clean up this mess.

  8. With a clear majority of moderates and conservatives on the board, we’re entering into some seriously uncharted waters folks.

  9. 3:11, Really? Uncharted waters? Most of us think the boat has been in skanky waters for too long…time to get it back into CHARTED waters; you know the ones F. Magellan: FREEDOM, PROSPERITY, HONESTY, PROPER DUE PROCESS and NO SIGNS WHATEVER of “Behind the Green Mask: UN Agenda 21” .

    take that you regressive terd.

  10. I love that all the liberals and progressives over at the Herald that lost BIG time yesterday are crying about how the candidate with the most money wins. Blah blah blah. Wasn’t it Barack Obama who raised the most money in a presidential campaign ever? And is on track to raise even more money this election? Hypocrites.

    There is a definite correlation between a candidate raising the most money and winning because it shows that a lot of people support that candidate and put their wallet where their mouth is.

  11. OK Sam McCrankypants. You need to switch to decaf. I guess you’d be happier if the cutthroat power hungry Neely types crawled back out of the swamp and reclaimed their rightful elitist throne.

    I think we’re all for Freedom, Prosperity, Honesty and Due Process, that’s why the voters voted and chose to put Bohn and Fennell on the Board to do the people’s business. Seems like Democracy is alive and well in Humboldt County.

  12. Yeah, uh, SAM? I think you read that one wrong. That’s just me.

  13. Mark is going to need therapy since he is going to be feeling lonely as hell up there….so sad.

  14. I’m sobbing all over myself for him. But keep in mind, Chet, he’s ok with flying solo. Messiahs travel alone.

  15. Sorry 7:20pm, Loveless will not be alone at all .He has Bass, Eurekas worthless Supe on his side, she’ll suck in Bohne, and who knows which way Fennell come down. At least Apple Maggot and Jimmy “one nut” are gone!!!!

  16. This morning I saw a cloister of heraldoites on a pilgrimage to Santa Clara to inquire of their master.

  17. Watch this shit that they try and play with the GPU. Also Ralph Faust is still running planning. As long as Mark is on board so is he. He is a major problem and needs to be removed.

  18. Hmm, maybe I did read it incorrectly. I am very happy with the election and very very happy with Bonnie, John being gone and elated with Girard outta here… to me, it is those waters that were skanky —- and the new waters (Rex and Estelle) that are gonna be great and help things get back on an even keel. Thanks for pointing it out Bugs – as always – hugs!

  19. NCS, are you from here? Because… aside from identifying the correct number of Jimmy’s nuts, I don’t think anything you said is accurate.

  20. Vegemite, which master are you talking about? They have a few, each more disreputable than the one before.

  21. 4:17: I’m guessin Veg is thinking about G-i-r-a-r-d. But he is still here for a few more days.

  22. Herldo is so fucking stupid she thinks people vote based on “misleading mailers”!

  23. With a clear majority of moderates and conservatives on the board, we’re entering into some seriously uncharted waters folks.

    Huh? A “clear majority of moderates and conservatives”? Aren’t those mutually exclusive? Or do you mean anything is better than “Progressive/Regressive”?

  24. Well 9mm you know how fucking stupid we all are. We were either bought or bamboozled. They can’t accept that anyone other than them has things they believe in and care about. We’re just a bunch of nazi dumbfucks not smart enough to be progs.

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