Ruh-roh, mofos: Clif-hanger in the Second?

The NCJ is reporting that there are more than 6,000 absentee ballots left to count, so we’ve got ourselves a bit of post-election suspense yet again. With Estelle and Clif separated by only a couple hundred votes, this thing could easily tip to the left.

Interesting to know. But functionally, if Clif did win, what would that change? It would be a 3-2 board instead of a 4-1 board. Nice, but perhaps not critical.

So stay tuned. We’ll get either a new 2nd District supervisor or an experienced one who has learned that spending three and a half years being a complete wank doesn’t exactly rally the base.

12 Responses

  1. What matters is GPU, and with Rex’s win that’s a lock. We’ll see the planning commission try to drag it out two years, but a strong board won’t allow it.

  2. Sad, sad, sad. Pro-development forces take over the county board of supervisors! With Virgina Ass, Do Nothing Ryan, Estelle “rural” lifestyle champion, and Rex ready to auction off everything….

  3. It’s not likely that Clif can pull it out. Assuming that of the 6000 remaining votes that 2000 of them are from the second district – which seems high even though it was the only seriously contested race – Clif would have to bag 55 percent, which means that stack of votes would have to be a significant outlier. Not impossible, but not likely.

  4. Poor Mack. Did you come over here because you ran out of beer and wanted to cry in ours? Youknow, as the bugs like to say, Hugs!!!

  5. Rookie mistakes “Planning Commission” for staff on GPU matters.

    Mack Prairie seems not aware that his or hers opposition is not unlike their own endeavors with regard to the environment……Streamside Management Areas being developed and Mark Lovelace being ok with that, illegal as it may be, but KG took the fall for that too, even though his co-conspirator gets re-elected by those who also agree (in closed door session via manipulations untold) that Streamside Management Areas should be developed, when reasoning excuses for why it is ok to turn a blind eye and look away.

    Girlie – The Humboldt Herald serves beer? Let me guess…..a micro brew and not Pabst or beer cellared Schlitz malt liquor.


  6. where’s Al Franken’s friends when you need them?

  7. The race only seems close. Half of the votes for appleseed are from Arcata voters who thought he was their supervisor.

  8. look at sundbergs win over clary in 2010, he was only ahead by 50 votes on election nite, with over 5,000 Ab. T ballots still left to count. You would think that that election result could easily change. But it didn’t . sunberg actually gained more votes but still only won by less than 100 votes.
    Estelle won with 221 votes= Madame Supervisor Fennell!
    How do you like them apples?

  9. where’s Al Franken’s friends when you need them?

    You know, there were always these vague accusations, but has anybody ever come up with anything specific? Because there were plenty of specific allegations of Coleman shenanigans. Then again, my wife’s cousin was on Franken’s legal team.

  10. @ Eric Kirk
    “plenty of specific allegations of Coleman shenanigans”-
    – Puh-leeze…plenty? Hope your wife’s cousin goes easy on the Lunesta.

  11. It’s Official……..Estelle kicked his ASS! 53% to 47% Game over!

  12. Actually fireside, Coleman pulled out the stops to steal that election. Fortunately Minnesota does have Judges who know what an overvote is.

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