Still reeling from the shock of a retail outlet in a shopping mall, NCJ now dumbfounded to learn policies at a Catholic hospital may be Catholic

Yeah. Emphasis on “dumb.”

I guess the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange forgot to have their religious beliefs vetted by the astute moral arbiters at the North Coast Journal.

I’m hoping the NCJ can put out an entire issue telling us where we shouldn’t shop, who we shouldn’t vote for, and what we shouldn’t believe.

Oh–wait. That’s right. They do that every week.


24 Responses

  1. Humbug, they wouldn’t keep making fun of other people’s beliefs if other people’s beliefs weren’t so stupid, along with all the other people who have them.

  2. This Carrie Peyton Dipshit person is one of those facetious carpet baggers come to Humboldt County to save us all from our backwoods ways, thank the Lord.

  3. When I grow up, I want to be as smart and successful as Andrew Goff. That dude’s got it all: the wit, the hair, the extremely low 5-figure job as a part-time calendar editor. It’s genius!

  4. Don’t forget Joel Mielke. The smartest man in Humboldt County (maybe even the world), just ask him he’ll tell you.

  5. Too much information overload…….HOJ says don’t shop at places that gouge the customer with coupon schemes, prebate schemes, rebate schemes, etc…. or businesses that add extra costs onto the sale that have nothing to do with the product, but that the business wants to shmooze the community with donations that may appear to be from that businesses profits, but are actually from the customer over-paying for a business to be paraded as a good local business. No business, local or not, is a good business WHEN that business steals money from customers so that the business can shmooze as some good philanthropic entity in the community.

    Americans must stop voting duopolist or forever lose their lifestyles, freedoms, liberties and rights that once were so popular that a very many great number of people died for these tenets, but alas, voters are so dumb in majority that they can’t even ask the same question twice to get a proper answer because after the first request, American voters tend to get stupid lazy.

    HOJ says believe what you want and who you want, but you do deserve the pain for those wrong choices.

    Major media is following HOJ very closely as the news suggests after many HOJ posts. Apparantly, e-mailing the media giants to make connections was effective. – HOJ

  6. What do you expect from a paper who regularly promotes the brothers of perpetual masturbation? And all this after the Sisters of Orange bailed out St Joe’s a few years back. Say what you will, the Catholic Church has always been the worlds largest and most generous charitable organization.

  7. Yeah but Chet if the NCJ started caring about things like that it might not be so easy for them to ridicule anyone who believes something they don’t.

  8. Elitist pricks. It’s a difficult and scary world for the NCJers with all those evil corporations selling things in malls and now Catholic hospitals with Catholic priorities. What will happen next?

  9. That;s right. We don’t want the guvermint making our healthcare desisons, we want the Pope to decide. Father knows best.

  10. Carpet bagging? See Linda Atkins for expert advice on that one. What I am really waiting for is how is the NCJ and the ‘elitist pricks’ that publish, advertise in and read seriously are going to square the on-going environmental depredations of the marijuana industry with the serious environmentalist cred that they strive to present?

    How ’bout it Judy, Carrie, Joel, and the rest of the ‘merry pranksters’, can you speak to the truth or not?

  11. Gotta love a woman who cuts to the chase. Josephine you rock!

  12. Doubt it Josephine.

    But, it’s a good point. What other publication catgegorically condemns mainstream employers. I guess the health systems, retail merchants and traditonal businesses just don’t fit into the fairyland view of the world that exists through the NCJ editorial specs.

    But, I suspect the pot bellied largess will diminish largely because of the very point you make. All those benign benefactors and beneficiaries will collapse under the unforgiving weight of contradiction. Way too much money for the legislature to ignore.

    The relevance left with Hank. Consider it an Abatement.

    And I’m down to seeds and stems again, too.

  13. Is Rob still pissed about the choo choo train editorial?

  14. Re: the lack of coverage of “on-going environmental depredations of the marijuana industry ”
    Where else did you read that story?

    Regarding Catholics just bein’ Catholics, I suppose you support the coverup of pedophile priests too. Are you even aware that the church is being pulled apart in a battle between those who still want to help people and sexually frustrated right-wing bishops who just want to control everyone else’s sex lives?

  15. Thanks Dog. You always make our day. So here is a little tribute to you!

  16. Potty Mouth, you sly little shit, citing a 4-year old article, I guess the ‘on-going’ part is just too much for your addled little brain to handle.

  17. I’m honored Graphics Dept

    The artful transjuxtaposition of imagery is inspired beyond your usual excellence in the illustrated exhaustion of the conceptually dull and truculent.

    Let them circle the drain of poetic muses I say.

    Your artwork will grace the cover of my third album.

    Deepest appreciation Bugs. PBRs all around!

  18. The North Coast Journal should get an award for having the most marijuana related ads of anyone. Maybe they should make the actual paper usable as a rolling paper.

  19. Potty Mouth, pedophiles are everywhere. A few priests does not equal the entire Catholic Church. At least they are addressing the problem.

    Do you show the same zeal in fighting pedophiles in secular society? It is a bigger and more silent epidemic in regular society.

    What about the left winged loons that want to tell people how many babies to have, what to eat, how to think, where to work, where to shop?

    I am more concerned about people who think they have right to have sex and produce babies with no responsibility. Have all the sex you want, just don’t expect me to foot the bill for your romp.

    Whatever issue the Catholic Church is going through, it is not defending marijuana, so stick to something you actually have a clue about.

  20. Get a Clue: Please read the Murphy Report then rethink what you just posted.

  21. “Potty Mouth, pedophiles are everywhere.”

    Going to have to agree with that one big time for Humboldt County. As it stands, there are more kiddie rapists in Humboldt than Priests. What was it a couple of years ago, but it was a percent of the people living in Humboldt where convicted child sex offenders. One in less than two hundred people.

    I really wonder what the NCJ is going to tell us next in the “water is wet” department.

    Feel free to use that bugs.

  22. Carpet bagging? See Linda Atkins for expert advice on that one. What I am really waiting for is how is the NCJ and the ‘elitist pricks’ that publish, advertise in and read seriously are going to square the on-going environmental depredations of the marijuana industry with the serious environmentalist cred that they strive to present?

    How ’bout it Judy, Carrie, Joel, and the rest of the ‘merry pranksters’, can you speak to the truth or not?

    The irony Josephine, is that the marijuana money was behind the conservatives in this last election, and is a serious force in opposition to controlled growth and anything Plan A related. Of course, it does represent the ultimate in unfettered free market.

    As for your challenge, EPIC, Baykeepers, and Healthy Humboldt are facing virtual boycotts, which have been actively discussed on KMUD, as a result of the organizations taking on the growing interests. It was HumCPR which came to the marijuana industry’s defense, for better or worse.

    And there are plenty of local businesses, owned and run by the local old guard, which thrive on the marijuana money. Wal-Mart will certainly benefit, but I’m talking about hardware and garden stores ordering inventory to meet the demand – and who probably would have gone out of business over the past couple of years but for the marijuana industry. The local business ownership knows where their bread is buttered, and so the General Plan Update won’t contain all those regulations.

    I’m not saying those are bad economic choices. I’m just saying. Joel and the NCJ probably benefit from the marijuana industry much less than many of those people writing thousdand dollar checks for Rex Bohn, Estelle Fennell, and Karen “Black Helicopters” Brooks.

  23. Eric. As usual you can’t use the small brain god gave you. You and your pals in southern humboldt ruined this county with all your marijuana. But there are some things that can unite folks around here. And that is the rabid left trying to take away property rights. That, dip shit, did unite the ranchers with the dopers and everyone in between.

  24. So “we” in southern humboldt ruin the country with marijuana, and you’re happy to jump on the marijuana money bandwagon to prevent land use regulations which might actually mitigate the problem you claim to be concerned about. It’s more than a little ironic that both developers and growers pour money into certain candidacies and you lap it right up. Meanwhile, the Eel and the Mattole are drained dry for the lack of controls.

    I have to wonder about this grand coalition just who suckered whom. Maybe the business class locally realizes that the marijuana is the only game in town and is simply transferring old mill town political principles with a new focus. Is marijuana the new timber? Pretty bad timing if so.

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