Times-Standard likely to suck even more

It’s official. (Well, it’s probably official. It’s coming from the North Coast Journal, right?)

Rumors are afloat that the area’s longstanding daily newspaper the Eureka Times-Standard, only a wispy shell of what it was a few years ago, will be outsourcing more of its content or production. Or both. Local jobs might be lost.

Will the last one out please turn the lights off?

It’s a sad day for newsfolk and yet another blow from the T-S’s corporate schmucks.

This means many Humboldt County residents will probably have to get vital news and important information in the near future from the area’s next two biggest media outlets: Charles Douglas’ Humboldt Sentinel and Humboldt State University’s The Lumberjack newspaper.

Both are stoked, but couldn’t be reached for comment. The Lumberjack’s editor graduated in May and Douglas’ mom had the phone in her basement removed because of budget cuts.

The Arcata High Journalism Club will also jockey for a piece of the pie.

15 Responses

  1. Outsourcing ad production? That will just never work.

  2. Sad indeed. It’s enough to make you want to take heroin and forget about it all.

  3. When I think of some of the more impressive messups at the T-S, “Fashiono at a reasonably price” comes to mind.

  4. Name one newsroom lobby where they bring you cookies and milk.

  5. I think Charles does a great job and he doesn’t live with his mom. Say what you like, Sucky isn’t a word I would use to describe him. He’s always been great to me.

  6. Does Charles live under the slough bridge ?

    The T/S was doing OK when it had the Eureka Reporter for competition. And I mean JUST OK.

  7. See Ya…Wouldn’t Want to be Ya… So now the mirror is the official site of all things Humboldt. Thanks! The Herald can suck my monkey shined A$$.

  8. screw em anyway – that’s what they get for misrepresenting or underepresenting the right.

  9. I wonder where all of you folks have been the last couple of years? The T-S has been outsourcing editorial content since the Eureka Reporter shut down.
    A rumor from the NCJ eh?
    I know it’s hard to argue with such a reputable publication (gag! gag!) but if you Bugs keep blogging on every rumor that comes out of the NCJ you’re going to lose your stella reputation!
    On the other hand, I have to admit your post got my attention and that is the name of the game isn’t it?
    Keep on bugging…

  10. Yet the Eureka Reporter was the first to close its doors


  11. Who cares! I have long preferred the Humb Sentinel anyway. I won’t have to waste my money on a subsctiption to the TS anymore. Besides, Charles always gets my editorializing out while the TS usually snubs me. Hurray for Charles. The Lumber Jack ain’t half bad either More power to the students who told the pulp mill story like it is.

  12. “…vital news and important information…?” What does that have to do with the T-S?

  13. I don’t know about you, but I love ads made outside the “local” area. No matter where the “local” area is. Nothing is better than hearing a ad with a mispronounced words.

    Or in the case of Humboldt County, get ready for tall buildings and other great cliparts of places and people that don’t live around there.

  14. Yep, Charles does do a great job and probably had to work harder than most just to get his work out there……considering the local schmucks who freelanced to oligarchy-style the local news…….pretty hard for better journalists and reporters to get ahead when the entrenched hold the keys to the woodshed of hack n’ sack corporate yack. It is true too that the High School papers are better reads, along with The Lumberjack…….such the innocence of youth in literary form. – HOJ

  15. Hello Bugs, Most of the population of Humboldt County saw this coming years ago. No Surprise Here. Move on, okay?

    We miss your sense of humor! Hugs!

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