Court rules Caltrans not planning to go all crazy on big trees

If the Progs felt the end of the world was nigh when Walmart opened in the area’s largest retail mall last month, today’s revelation is all four Horsemen of the Apocalypse giddyupping right over their tree-hugging backs.

Although there is some federally ordered remapping of trees to be done, the Humboldt County Superior Court ruled in favor of Caltrans and gives the go ahead for the Richardson Grove Improvement Project to move forward. It might be the final straw that forces the environmental and job-hating groups to commit a Heaven’s Gate-style mass suicide. Oh no, slightly larger trucks are coming!!!

We kid. But seriously. In his 30-page decision, Judge Dale Reinholtsen said the court determined that Caltrans isn’t the Devil and doesn’t hate trees. Particularly really big, old redwood trees. And not surprisingly, he found that Caltrans followed California’s environmental laws just fine. Desperate appeals from oddly named people or groups to follow no doubt.

27 Responses

  1. When are we going to hear updates on the Marina Center? That may be the final nail in the progz coffins.

  2. I am still waiting to hear the uproar from EPIC over the plundering of our watersheds to grow pot? Perhaps a lawsuit injunction is in order to allow a proper CEQA process for large-scale outdoor grows.

    Fucking hypocrites.

  3. It’s really hard to tell just why the progs cringe at the idea of widening the road a little. No old growth trees will be harmed. A judge agrees. DUH. HSU’s tree whisperer Steve Stillet even OKd the project and said it wouldn’t do any serious harm. Get on with the project already.

  4. The judge really gave EPIC a serious spanking.

  5. Not all progs are against Caltrans’ proposal. Pls don’t lump us all together. :>) There are many who support EPIC but feel it is needlessly expending political capital with this zealous opposition to the low-impact straightening of the highway through R. Grove. Caltrans District Director Charlie Fielder is a progressive associate member of the Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee. Hugs.

  6. Who knows how many more Azotobacter have to die in the name of progress? We will surely suffer the karma from this disgusting, indiscriminate and wholesale slaughter. Please join me on the Puna side of the Big Island for a special workshop – ” Accepting our Role in the Protection of Spherical Bacterium” (August 2012- limited space available – tickets $980 USD)

  7. Doesn’t Lovelace even support this project?

  8. Common sense in a ruling right here in Humbodlt County, wow, and in my lifetime. Loved Natelynne and her boobs using the royal ‘we’. Stupid Hypocrite above: xoxoxo to you!

  9. Judge Reinholtsen took an idea outta HOJ’s blog comment from many moons ago with this statement here,

    “The only potential impact of the suit on Caltrans is a requirement to adopt “a reporting or monitoring program … designed to ensure compliance [with CEQA] during project implementation.”

    IOW, during development, have people walk around and monitor the actions to make sure they are in conformance with what is allowed……- HOJ

  10. Why is my comment on moderation?

  11. I listened to Randy’s interview on KINS last night, and he’s still referring to the Marina Center wetlands as “tire ruts.”


    Brian asked him outright whether the Marina Center is still a top priority for SecNat, but Randy’s response was less than optimistic.

    Come on guys, time to get this one finished. Let’s work with the Coastal Commission and get it going already!

  12. Still moderation

  13. 2:48, you won’t hear epic cry about illegal grows, unless of course it’s crying about their own illegal grows when they get busted.

  14. Guest, if your comment included anything regarding Security National, then it’s automatically put into moderation

  15. Well the “wetlands” are tire ruts! Remember that this was an industrial train yard, not untouched coastal habitat.

  16. It’s doesn’t matter what they look like middle class, it matters how the Coastal Commission characterizes them

    At this point, doesn’t it seem more appropriate to accept the Coastal Commission’s opinion rather than continuing the fight?



    This is setting a very shitty precedent. These fuckers are guilty of trashing the courthouse. Lock em’ up!

  18. I hate moderation

  19. Guest: and WE do not prefer YOU either

  20. Why would you accept the opinion of the Coastal Commission. They are wrong. I am not a drone.

  21. “It’s doesn’t matter what they look like middle class, it matters how the Coastal Commission characterizes them

    At this point, doesn’t it seem more appropriate to accept the Coastal Commission’s opinion rather than continuing the fight?”

    No. Because that’s agreeing to call something by another name even though it isn’t so everyone can feel happy and fuzzy. It’s not a “wetlands” regardless of what they want to call it when the paperwork is submitted. It’s former industrial land and was for over 100 years. It’s tire ruts with lots of foreign weeds like pampass grass growing in it. You can recreate wetlands, but don’t bullshiat the truth by revising history.

  22. Continuing to fight the Coastal Commission will only leave the balloon track undeveloped for another 100 years. If you’re satisfied with that reality, then go ahead and call it tire ruts.

  23. Derailing every conversation to SN will get you a timeout in the corner. Just sayin’. Hugs!!!

  24. Breaking News! Illegal grows on public lands are threatening the wildlife. Shocking! Appalling!

    When one considers the long-term changes wrought on this community by protection of the spotted owl and marbeled murralet, this individual fully expects and demands the same response for this soon-to-be endangered species as well.

    I know Dog, you don’t even have to say it; “Josephine, come back to reality.” Please make me a very strong cocktail for this one.

  25. STAA trucks are bad!

    Unless they are bringing us goods for our own projects.

    Talk about talking out both sides of your mouth at once.

  26. My dear Josephine……

    No worries, just a prescription from doctor dog. Two ounces of single malt. Repeat every 30 minutes until the symptoms subside.

    I’m right there with you on this one. I have grown weary of the tedious, ubiquitous protests by the same people who demand their constipational rights and at the same time suborn the insidious cash cropping without regard for the consequences. I’m no fan of over-regulation but, is it not ironic that the one industry that is unregulated…well except for that little Penal Code detail….flourishes?

    Its got nothing to do with ‘medicine’ or the personal choices to manage just what is or is not consumed. It’s got everything to do with greed. the same felony these jackasses condemn with such tumescent orchestral brio from the courthouse lawn, or richardsons grove

    But you make a broader point than perhaps you intended. From the occupados to save ancient redwoods zealots, from the commercial potland profiteers to the strident moral outrage and (self) righteous indignation toward…well anyone who doesn’t share that fairyland view of the world. Its a class war and in that conflict, the truth is the first casualty, there are no prisoners taken or quarter given. They do not bury their dead nor tend to the ethically damaged. Hence, the continuing psychic abrasion of the movement is not without its clear revelance to intellectual bowels.

    So, my dear Josephine don’t let it chafe overmuch. Such things are cyclic. The dull, ignorant and disingenuous, while successful at attracting attention, still have to live with themselves.

    Perhaps there is some small comfort there, in a palmera femeninistic kind of way.

    Oh and as it again appears timely, I continue to have no independent recollection of who pooped and peed on the bank.

  27. Yummm, and you are correct, my dear Dog. Works like a charm!

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