Some rain, mostly Mark Lovelace contain Trinity’s Flat Fire

Third District Supervisor Mark Lovelace announced Tuesday that the low pressure system that moved across Northern California that dropped nearly 1 inch of rain contributed somewhat to his efforts to get the upper hand on the Flat Fire in Trinity County.

The wildfire burned 1,688 acres and interrupted east-west traffic on U.S. Highway 299.

As of the Board of Supervisors’ meeting start Tuesday the fire was approximately 80 percent contained, according to the Times-Standard.

The Flat Fire was sparked last Wednesday and its cause is still under investigation. Lovelace believes it is most likely the result of severely unregulated development in Timber Production Zone lands.
In related news, Lovelace also helped the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office bomb squad recover and destroy a 60-year-old 155mm artillery shell found on Eureka’s waterfront yesterday. Lovelace, who recently handily defeated challenger Karen Brooks in the far-left leaning Third District’s June primary, said he will remain vigilant to respond to and vanquish any emergencies in any jurisdiction during his term in office.

17 Responses

  1. Yeah, Lovelace will take credit for anything. Just ask him. Or don’t. You’ll probably throw up in your mouth having to listen to the disingenuous drivel.

  2. I am so relieved! Mark Lovelace will personally ensure that illegal marijuana grows on public lands utilizing ‘rat poison’ (lets be honest about that!) and killing off cute little mammals ceases immediately!

    These cute little mammals are soon to be endangered and I am sure, absolutely certain, that Mark is even now finalizing a plan to solve this problem in the same ‘can-do’ spirit that he utilizes to single-handedly solve every other problem Humboldt County faces!

    I fell so much better now, this was keeping me awake!

  3. Hey Mark! I have termites in my house. I live in the 3rd District, can you please help me out?

  4. Is he the same guy that invented the internet? That firehose is awfully small.

  5. Now that you mention it, that hose is awfully small. But it’s what you do with it that matters, right? Right?

  6. That’s the sort of thing people with small wieners say, Mr. Bill’s Cousin. Just sayin’.

  7. Oh you wish. My hose is plenty big. Can’t speak for my cousin. Was that you in the dark closet? Ouch!

  8. I don’t know what all the animosity is about, that little guy looks so cute with his little inflatable red fire extinguisher. Cute!!!

  9. I love that Clif “I’ll do whatever Mark wants” Clendenen wanted Mel Kreb or Virginia Graciani appointed to the Planning Commission at yesterday’s board meeting. Does that guy have an original thought that doesn’t have to do with cider?

  10. Estelle isn’t likely to jump on the Lovelace bandwagon the way that Clif has done for his entire time in office. The next few years should be interesting as Mark finds himself the lone voice of the far left on the board.

  11. Who is that hot chick in the photo at the top of the page (the one standing in the pot field?)

  12. Lovelace believes he alone is the voice of reason and intelligence among a sea of stupidity. It pains me to listen to him ramble on about himself at the board meetings. Thank god Virginia is the chair this year.

  13. you can bet Estelle won’t be another Cliff. Mark will be outnumbered and will surely throw a tantrum or two in the next few years. Should be fun to watch.

  14. ‘Here I come to thave the day’? You crack me up bugs!

    Yep, tons of implosions for marky mark over the next few years. I just love the way he ‘changes’ the wording or tone of “HIS” position on something to the other Board members when he did not get support the first go-around… usually he changes the wording about 4 times before he either gives up or explodes in a tyrage/tyrade.

    What a little self-centered megalomaniac

  15. Are “pressurized water bombs” legal for non-fire personnel, squirt squirt? – HOJ

  16. Lovelace is just a runt. A lefty runt

  17. How come the photo is missing the mighty midgets main firefighting tool, the doucheballoon?

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