Times-Standard staffers forget what city, state they live in

Yoo-hoo, friends! Remember Humboldt County? That place with the burgeoning pot industry and crap daily newspaper?

There’s no place like… wherever.

11 Responses

  1. Go easy, Bugs. It’s just the weekend crew. The regular employees would’ve gotten the country wrong too.

  2. Local, schmokel. This is nothing more than a new way for the TS to suck. Has Singleton done his monthly layoff yet?

  3. I’m glad the E-R lives on at the Mirror

  4. Give ’em some slack, Aurora is pretty close to Arcata.

  5. Was not there a “Colorado connection” with the T-S and ownership? Ironically, a “water bomb” was used by police to “deal with” Aurora’s showcase Batman sequel. Apparently, the shooter’s apartment was packed with “fire and heat threats” AND water bombs do exist, even when fighting forrest fires. – HOJ

  6. anyone can make mistakes, but you got to love it when the “better than thou” crowd screws up.

  7. I hope someone like Homes snaps here in Eureka and kills dozens of people. I’m so excited!

  8. Keep in mind that the outsourced people in Pakistan that are editing the T-S paper aren’t exactly sure where “local” is.

  9. Tony, a problem is that when a person snaps, they tend to kill the WRONG PEOPLE. How to decide who the “right” people are would be -pre-meditated and not random, at least until the laws go defunct. Why is it exciting to kill someone, even if they are an enemy? The need to feel to kill grows with a growing population. It is America’s population levels that “take away” qualities of life for which MANY government officials recognize without saying. People just can’t get along when packed like sardines in a can. HOJ has come to the determination that “spacing of the populus” is a key element for peace. Yet, “populus spacing” does not provide the economic profits or tax bases that “industry looters” desire. So, in effect, society is “designed” to over-populate within confined areas so that chaos ensues to justify the government regulatory experience……..”set-up”! – HOJ

  10. Nobody cares what the T-S does anymore. They suck. It’s just all part of what they do on a routine basis. Whatever.

  11. Come On! You have to do better. I get it, you are passed out on the couch, but get up, suck it up and do something to save this county.
    My heros?
    Mr. Bill

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