Times-Standard editorial even dumber than most

It’s amazing the things we can learn from the Times-Standard. Take the editorial from the Sunday edition, in which we are informed that the problem with prosecutions in Humboldt County is not that Paul Gallegos is a dumb, unethical pile of butt-stink–it’s that his office doesn’t have enough money, so we should give him more. Great idea. Maybe while we’re at it, we can give bad drivers more cars, and lousy farmers more land. Hey–let’s give child molesters more dicks, because for sure that’ll make everything better.

Previously we’ve been told that all Gallegos needed was time. Then it was experience. Then it was staff. Now, evidently, it’s money.What Gallegos actually needs is 50 IQ points and a conscience. What he has that serves him almost as well is the editorial board of the county’s only daily newspaper spending a full decade making excuses for him.

13 Responses

  1. Not to mention a select group of people abusing compassion and claiming the underground economy is a benefit. Yeah to them and their wallets. Those making money at the expense of children and law-abiding citizens are just as guilty. It doesn’t matter where you lean left, right, in between, the problem is more than just him.

    It is all who benefit from being in office.

    He does have a good staff who could use a leader that actually protects the citizens and not criminals.

  2. Fucktards. Making excusees for a world-class piece of oshit.

  3. “You get what you pay for” my ass. We pay for a first-rate prosecutor, and we get him.

  4. Maybe all those additional cases he’s forced to handle with no additional money suggest that his pattern of pleaing criminals out to nothing or dropping charges altogether isn’t a very successful crime-reduction strategy. You think?

  5. A loss of grant funding? Good thing Gags didn’t have anything to do with screwing up all those grants. It’s that awful Jeanne Duncan’s fault, or that’s what the story was going to be until she got a lawyer and it got to be a lot harder to blame her for things he had done.

  6. Ha! He doesn’t need money. I thought the Growers were subsidizing his office?
    On a serious note, I shook my head when he was reelected. These days Incompetence is rewarded. I’ve seen it in every aspect of politics, including the Survivor-like mentality on the job.
    In Fortuna? Incompetent, obdurate school board members win elections and the “good ole boy” network is alive and well-even in local sports and nonprofits.
    I love Humboldt County, but I’m not blind to its faults. It’s not what you know. It’s WHO you know. And Gallegos knows the right people to pander to. I suggest he goes to them for money. Not me.

  7. LOL Bugs, very sad and too true. Early Retirement has its benefits Paul. Maybe Joan should stop wearing her Jimmy Choo shoes to the courthouse if you really want folks to think about your office not having enough money, ‘ya think?

  8. This Editorial is ridiculous. It had to have come straight from Gallegos mouth to Thadeus ears. What poor Thadeus doesn’t know is it is almost word for word Gallegos whine as he delivered his “we gotta wean ourselves off these grants’ talking points to cover up the fact that he’d lost grants. “Oh, woe, if we cared about the DA’s Office, by God, we would fund it ourselves, we wouldn’t NEED grants, you sorry Humboldt SOBs” – yep, that was Paul’s message.

    Mr hide-from- Board-of-Sups, how man meetings has he shown up for, Thad? Look it up. He’s got a long tenure now, Surely you can find a handful.

    Now he’s doing what? Taking his case to the media? Really? SERIOUSLY? Hysterical.

  9. PVG chased out, or fired, a group of seasoned career prosecutors. For that he should be flogged. He keeps running good ones off. The newbies aren’t given the advantage of a proper training period and then are thrown to the wolves.

    Does PVG still take two or three vacations a year? Oh yes, nice X-5 PVG ! times are tough

  10. Tim Stoen !!!!!!!!! Yougofree.com (Jeff Swartz) !!!! That dude with red stiped hair !!!

  11. Poor Thad shouldn’t be ridiculed over one poor choice. After all, he also supported Nielsen and Glass. Thad deserves to be ridiculed over all his poor choices.

  12. someone should ask linda if garr has found a new job yet

  13. Oh boy, some varying complaints:

    Jon Chiv and Jen “nailed-it”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anonymous = scared chicken chit, opposite of Rose

    Word – Hmmm, not sure if Humboldtians even understand what “first rate suggests”.

    Huh = Ya, what else can happen when sheriff’s deputies commit false arrests, opposite of crime reduction practices? The opposite of crime reduction is…..?

    Not Pretty To Watch = SO, where is the update on the grant whoring blame game? It takes two to tango!

    Sam = Yes, early retirement for any public employee or elected official can be good when the gettin’ out is good.

    Rose = as if the “collective” BOS has anything of value or importance other than making chit up as they go along, one deceptive issue after another deceptive issue……besides, you know first hand Gallegos is there when the money is flaunted to him…are BOS chit chatters offering Gallegos money?

    Anonymous = So, you shy away from lamenting that some of those “run-off” were crooked themselves too, connected to the crooked types pushing fabricated and doctored police reports working out of the county sheriff’s department.

    S Salg = the poorest choice was gaining employment by the T-S. Definately not a conversation starter for locals.

    Anonymous = Why ask? ZDo tell!

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