Bugs thrilled to learn they’re in the economic elite

Yay us!!

The things you learn in the Times-Standard these days. According to a letter to the editor today from Pam Service, we’re effing rich! Check this out.

Pam says:

  • People voting for someone other than Linda Atkins are “moneyed.” This is terrific news! We thought we were kind of middle class, what with the blue-collar jobs and just squeaking by. But obviously that’s about to change. Does anyone know when we’ll get our checks?
  • Candidates able to quickly muster support are “questionable.” I’ll say. Remember how long it took for anyone to give a shit about Atkins? She must be the real deal.
  • Anyone who wants to vote for a candidate other than Linda Atkins is a power-crazed control freak who is subverting the democratic process. I know, right? The obvious solution is for no one to run against Atkins, so that through the absence of a democratic process Democracy itself can be saved.

Get with it, Eureka! Keep Democracy alive by stopping people from voting for candidates they support.

Thank you.

21 Responses

  1. The minute Linda Atkins enters the picture, be it firing the Police Chief or running for re-election the strident histrionics commences.

    Raise your hand if you are shocked, shocked that Pam Service is willing to put herself out there in defense of our beleagured carpet bagger! Wait, wasn’t there some sort of contretemps recently with the Democractic Central Committee…Pam, Linda and Bob fighting off an attempt at demoncraccy…hummm seems to be business as ususal

  2. Service always has had the smell of disreputable about her. Maybe with all those jobs Atkins is creating she can make one for Pam.

  3. If you have Anthem Blue Cross, you should have already gotten your check for over paying your insurance thanks to Obama care. If not your company has already picked up more of the cost of your insurance so that your contribution to the plan has gone down like mine has at work. Progressive stuff for middle class Joe’s like you and me. Progressive ideas that help people. Linda is a progressive.

  4. yes, my check for $2.36, after raising my rates 25% over last year and half citing the new law as the main reason. being self employed i get to suck that one up all by myself. the check is to return the amount anthem spent over 25% of total on administratve costs. Burden them wirh more administrative monitoring and paperwork and fine them for it. progressive.

  5. The irony is that your response confirms everything she alluded to in the letter.

  6. nope, no irony there, get a dictionary

  7. LOL, LOL. You can’t confirm the disconfirmable, whether or not you know what that means.

    Just ask Bob Doran’s wife.

  8. Democracy is FAKE when the platform is abused to dumbdown society so that being dumb is an asset to those in charge based upon the decisions by those who are dumbed-down, how prgressive is that chit………..Yet, HOJ takes admiration and solace with the fact that job seekers are giving-up more and more because they realize they were dumbed down to work for employers to begin with whom could never pay them enough wages to live in an overly costly society….no progressive actions can “fix the SOCIETAL COST sickness” – that is a GREED THING! In a Democracy, there must be losers for there to be winners (GREED), yet duopolists both masterbate other head trips to the dumbed-down to keep believeing “like a Journey song that is no longer in fad…..”!. On a national level, the reception Gabby Gifford got made it clear as day that she could most likely kick the chit outta both Obama and Mitt for prez…, if based solely on emotions! Obama’s shmooze talking was on high alert. HOJ though enjoyed the San ANtonio Mayors HealthCare refeence…”actually; actually; actually; actually, etc…. Mitt is a friggen liar TOO! Screw both prez candidates, America ain’t recovering under either of these manipulators!!! – HOJ

  9. Bugs said it all. I concur.

  10. So if you don’t like Atkins you’re part of the 1%? Guess we should rename it to the 80% club.

  11. HOJ talking about dumbing down ? wow

  12. Sorry Josephine.

    I’ve been away and out of communication. I have been sequestered while attending the political strategy sub-protocol of the popular “Atkins Diet’s – High Order Management Intensive Natural Employment Mandate” seminar.

    It was a fascinating experience wherein we mastered the art of backing up job creation campaign promises with a certain, less than subtle aplomb coupled with an underdog (heh) focused brio. Devotees of the AD-HOMINEM technique become skilled at telling people what they want to hear, in pursuit of personal gain or, in many cases, political advantage by deriving facts from unfounded, ideologically driven, yet specious opinions.

    I am told that Pam Service graduated top of the class at the last session. Sadly, I did not do as well in mine but, I think I am now qualified to run, as a dog, for Dog Catcher. Ot at the least to submit irresponsible screeds to the local paper expressing outrage over the motives and true intent of my opponent’s supporters. That’s the theme of the workshops…..to learn to redirect attention from my wholesale lack of qualifications for the job but effectively demonize anyone who condemns my platform, however bereft of substance it may be.

    I mean, after all, if Linda can be an insider with the occupy theatrics, why can’t a dog be a dog catcher?

    Pam can’t touch me…….I have no supporters other than those who poop and pee on banks, public facilities and foliage. As we know, she is not outraged by such noble acts of personal expression.

    It will be a lively campaign.

    I know I can count on your support.

    Warm regards


  13. You mean more than 3 people in Humboldt have money? By the John Chiv, I linked your blog to mine 🙂

  14. My dear Dog

    My support, specious or otherwise, is, of course, solidly in your corner. I do admit to a longing for that kinder age, that time of well-mannered individuals who kept their private parts and/or functions well cloaked. Alas….I must gird myself for endless sessions of loud, dogma driven denouncments which bring nothing to the healthcare debate except for histrionic hyperbole devoid of substance or fact.

    It is such a pity about that spanking that Blue Cross got in the Appellete decision, almost as bad as the one that Tom-the-tool received over the radio in regards to some sort of plant/food issue.

    I will not bore you with the details, except to say that I have a tropical sort of cocktail and I left my glass to you, Dog. Cheers!


  15. My goodness dear Jospehine

    Sometimes specious can be spacious or otherwise, ahead or behind its time of relevance. Chafe not over the fools contest of histrionic hyperbolicism. Those imposters come and go and the object of the game is after all to go beyond the game.

    Hold fast to your handles of truth my dear Josephine, they will not abandon you. I was speaking to the folly that Pam, the tediously consistent supporter of positions over thought keeps inflicting on the would be new generations of class war driven zealots but sadly for her, she only howls at a false wind that fills no sails.

    I have no glib observations about the healthcare debate as it has become political more than it is compassionate. Money trumps meaning in this and that is the kicker that the Pams and Lindas of the world depend on for their specious arguments.

    I come here for comedic relief my dear Josephine and to sometimes take a piss on a few trees of absurdity.

    In my other life the denouncements abound and I hold my own in that conversation but, to no real avail. That kinder age when divergent currents could flow in the same basic direction…….sometimes not but still, not unwelcome has passed.

    So we work the cards we’re dealt my dear Josephine. Embrace the joys that you have, change the things you can and otherwise make the most of your moments and moments are all we get.

    Quoting Dylan….”It’s life and life only.”

  16. Atkins and Pam Service share a common trait. Neither has the ability to do critical thinking. Pam thinks it means agree’s with me. Linda has no idea what the fuck it means.
    Anyone who is preaching that Obamacare is doing anything positive is out to lunch, does not understand economics or healthcare. Its MUS.

  17. “Flipping through his nearly empty appointment book, Buffett says his money does buy him one thing he values very much: his freedom. For him, freedom is the key to a happy life. His idea of a perfect day? Being alone with no interruptions so he can read and think.”

    My early am “woke-up by disrespectful neighborly noises again” response: no wonder government officials (public employees) intend to create and foster extended chaos upon millions of citizens —> it makes people lose their lifestyle, especially IF they are incapable at that point to actually earn an income since time and energy are also depleted by “freedom takers and looters”. America has too many deceptive and evil-minded citizens whom hurt others intentionally and willfully –> government wants this type of society in order to deplete freedom while growing larger that pesky thug “big brother”. – HOJ

  18. so war has broken out in the middleeast. the stock market is crashing since obamas re-election and i still have to read hoj’s comments. all is well in humboldt. any more pot home invasions? some things never change.

  19. Ah, the end of the world is confirmed Anonymush –> That gushy Hostess Company, in the fluff state of Texas (that big state that wants to secede but can’t explain why), is laying of 26,000 UNION EMPLOYEE blowfish scumsuckers because they wanted more and more and more.

    Now, the twinkie (with a long shelf life) won’t be available for the end-of-days……..and 26,000 blowfish scumsuckers will hit the streets making less income than they did when they had that job last week!

    Talk about “pigeon holing career opportunities, duh”.

    Too many people in society are allowed to be dependents upon others’ wealth. Time for the blowfish scumsuckers to “buck-up” and become “self-employed”; that way, they can pay themself and really begin to understand economics, Booya!

  20. Fly a new plane, pay 10% more in costs says Delta in their penny pinching “recycling plan” here, [http://finance.yahoo.com/news/delta-flies-route-profits-older-034100418.html] – HOJ

  21. Wow, even the squinty-eyed, poop gate conspiracy mongor Kelly May of KIEM reported on Twinkies’ Ding, Dong, Done.

    Big news when union scumsuckers think they got it all figured out! Anyhow, lots of obese hostess workers who striked because they figure they can only stand on the job because too much movement is a health risk for the obese ding dongers. More thousands of layoffs to continue as those with money will consider “closing-shop”!

    Americans need to tame their greeds and subsidy pay-offs!!! – HOJ

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