Kirk Girard’s GPU Monkeyfuck dies with a wimper

What? General Plan shocker!! Who saw this coming?

Other than everyone, of course.

We saw it coming, and we’re not even smart.

Anyone who thought this board was going to blithely accept the Kirk Girard General Plan Update needs to be issued an encephalitic helmet so he or she can walk down that hall without further injury to the brain. Elections have consequences. The progs flogged the dog on the GPU for more than a dozen years in a process that was, most of the time, laughably fucked, and now they’ve lost control of the process. This is commonly referred to as the will of the voters, the way of the world. Sometimes one side wins, sometimes another. And anyone who can’t hack that basic political fact should go back to working for Ken Miller. He’s always just about one idiot shy of a quorum, and it looks like in this case there are two up for grabs.

23 Responses

  1. It’s pretty hysterical that the Humboldt Sentinel scooped the T-S and all the other news people. Go Charles and go that other guy who writes for him.

    And to hear Mark Lovelace whine about all those years lost is music to my ears. That GPU could have been 112 years in the making and it was still a giant steaming piece of shit. It’s supposed to be an update. Girard wanted to craft a no-growth utopian society protocol.

  2. The progressives and ultralefties are coming unglued over this. It’s good to know that there are elected officials with balls to stop a trainwreck before it goes on any longer. Fuck Lovelace. His regime had years to pass this when they had the majority. Girard pissed off so many people through his workshops and informational meetings that they had to try a complicated and slow approach to confuse and slip the massive changes under the radar of most people. That obviously backfired.

  3. What’s the deal with Hank Sims? He could report the news instead of attacking the intelligence of the supervisors who are only doing what they honestly think is best: stopping a overwhelmingly complicated rewrite of a general plan. It’s supposed to be an update Heraldo, I mean Hank. Have you attended any of the GPU update meetings? Have you attended a single one of the community workshops? It was a complicated clusterfuck masterminded by the monumental dipstick Girard who managed to unify the SoHum and NoHum communities against the GPU. That’s not easy to do.

    Do some reporting and writing Hank instead of sniping from the sidelines. Humboldt County needs more real journalists.

  4. Seriously, is that a serious question? The deal is that progs are elitist fucks, and they know it, and we know it, and once in a while they just can’t help showing it off to all their prog friends. Everyone who disagrees with them is a backwoods guns-and-religion dumb-ass hick. That includes Rex Bohn and everyone unenlightened enough to vote for him. Speaking plain, according to progs, makes you an idiot. On the other hand, getting a master’s degree at Cal and then earning your living sucking the unimpressive cock of Pat Cleary, that there’s brilliance. Seriously.

  5. Okay, friends! Now let’s go hate us some book-learnin’!!

  6. Another brilliant Bugs post and again I concur.

  7. Bugs, you are a true journalist, by every way, shape, and form!

  8. Good Luck to all….again. Anyhow, if ya go back years, you”ll realize whom “predicted” the fallout process wayyyyyyy before media caught wind. Oh, and good job to C. Douglas and crew. – HOJ

  9. “Progs Flogging the Dog,”

    Criminey Bugs!!!!!

    I thought you had my back. Graphics, where were you when I needed you? I feel so all alone.

    My dear Josephine… can this be?

    “Blog masters I have done thy bidding
    wrought in thy many lands
    not by my sins shalt thou judge me
    but by the glib of my stands

    Many masters served have I
    big bellied they be and rich
    I have done their desire
    for a daily hire
    now I’m flogged by the progs
    no good place for dogs
    no story there to tell
    like Rimbaud’s, Season in Hell
    and I die like a dog in a ditch.

    So here at the end I’m abandoned
    just weary from the flog
    without kibble or comfort, or hugs
    Forsaken by all
    …even Bugs”

    Out there somewhere
    in a faraway brilliant tropical sunset post card landscape
    a palmtree drops it’s fronds for a moment
    and sighs…..

    The last wag of the ultraromantic canine blog poet

    (Ok….HOJ…..I know. The road to hell is paved with stuffed dogs flogged by prog blog doggerel) It’s not my fault.



  10. You know what, Dog? When this shit’s all over, you, me, and a huge bowl of PBR.

  11. And us? WTF?

  12. “We use ideas merely to justify our evil, and speech merely to conceal our ideas.” Voltaire

    or how about this:

    “Idealism is the noble toga that political gentlemen drape over their will to power.” Aldous Huxley

    Mr. Girard and his cronies had their snouts in teh public trough for how long? And this giant peice of crap isa ll they cam up with. Yes, Dog, it is

  13. Dog, wonderful poetry in motion. – HOJ

  14. Josephine…my dear Josephine, I love Huxley. Have you tried “This Timeless Moment” by Laura Huxley? It’s a rather perverse yet illustrative portrait of the man.

    I blog here because I can drape a toga of noble intent over the angst of ideological passion with the simple leg lift and a poetic comedic mirror (ahem….the theme is it not?) at egregious and desperate assoholic character assasination.

    But, offers of bowls of pbr from bugs and a hug from HOJ at the same time?… that’s a tail wagger. And yes Graphics dept, you may attend the gala. But, I fear the days of Dick nose Bonnie, the 12 Bonnies of Christmas, even the classic palm tree epistles are, long gone.

    Where is the rage? Let’s get back to the fundamentals and deep sleaze illuminated manuscripts.

    As to the pbr bugs, must I wait til “this shit’s over?” because “this shit” has some institutional staying power and no defined half life. So how about tomorrow?

    As you might imagine, typing with paws is complex and generates a powerful thirst.

    But the scent of “progs flog the dog” here on my home blogturf was foreign to my marked territory.

    You see my dear friends, in a dog’s world……everyone is a son of a bitch.

  15. Apologies, Graphics Dept. I just wasn’t aware there was need of an occasion for you guys to slurp beer from a bowl. I thought that was kind of an everyday thing.

  16. No apologies needed. You’re right, we sorta forgot that we’ve already done kegstands for breakfast.

  17. Oh for christ sake do you guys want to drink or make toast?

  18. “I have taken more out of alcohol than alcohol has taken out of me” Winston Churchill

    “The dog has seldom been successful in pullng man up to its level of sagacity, but man has frequently dragged the dog down to his”
    James Thurber


  19. “Asking a working writer what he thinks about critics is like asking a lamp-post what it feels about dogs.”
    Christopher Hampton

    Perhaps the same principle applies to blogs…..especially dog flogged blogs.

  20. Well, maybe now we can get a decent GPU (should take about 6 months) now that the progs have spent 12 years f@cking it up. Hey Rob, there is a great piece of property down here in Fortuna for a Home Depot and Olive Garden. Lord knows we need that 12th Street interchange rebuilt.

  21. Dear Bugs,
    Thank you for letting my comment be posted. To take it to a new level is there any interest in discussing the presidential election? Sure it doesn’t matter much here as all the leftie progs will send all those luscious electoral votes to my brother from another mother (born where?). What we need TODAY is for this guy to send back every soldier stationed in any part of the world and IMMEDIATELY stop

    every dollar

  22. Oups…over the HOJ limit. Anyway to continue…stop all foriegn aid to all countries, we have enough problems of our own. Be done with it!

  23. Foreign aid being taken away by the FEDS is like asking local manipulators to stop seeking grants for funding everything they can opportunitize upon. Too many “key political manipulators who make money SHIFT” are involved….. Reality says that taxpayers have more control if they just quit working and quit living their lives to the demands of the entrenched rope-a-dopers….who want to control more than their own country by engaging in worldly affairs! People who want to live these easy lifestyles at the expense, detriment and abuse of others are ruining the planet! – HOJ

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