“Wonder L” Atkins feeding re-election campaign with superhero-size diet of bullshit

“Wonder L” Atkins

Holy irony Batman!

Eureka City Councilwoman Linda Atkins is launching her re-election campaign with a ruse that it will take a concerted effort from “all of us” to make a change in the Eureka community.

(By “all of us” she kinda sorta means a minority of the progressive people she represents and one particular businessman willing to throw tens of thousands of dollars anywhere in the county every few election cycles to make sure Eureka’s landscape remains economically friendly to his bottom line.)

Atkins’ campaign website says the “2010 elections reminded us that money CAN really buy elections, but in our small city; Linda Atkins thinks that PEOPLE can and will begin to take our city back this year.”

Shit yeah! No doubt she’ll be counting on two particular “PEOPLE” in 2012 to pay for her re-election.

A Times-Standard article published a month before she was elected in 2008 highlighted “how a few big donors could change the dynamics of an election” and “show how money from outside city limits can play a sizable role in the race for Eureka’s council seats.”

The T-S pointed out that it was Atkins and failed progressive candidate George Clark who were the biggest beneficiaries of said money. There was $9,000 from Pierson Building Supply owner Bill Pierson and $2,250 from McKinleyville resident Ken Miller.

Go figure.


14 Responses

  1. “Ruse” = an underused word which describes the constant back-stabbing attempts and rope-a-dope political processes that litter Humboldt County like an open landfill operation. Money is the cancer of elections, but hypocrisy is worse than money in politics. So back again to the lies and manipulative misrepresentations because campaign season is again yet upon the naive voters to further dig deeper their own graves + the graves of those who don’t vote for hypocrits, liars, manipulators, deceivers, etc… generally loserville types. – HOJ

  2. Atkins supported by mck town pot grower and seller of “recommendations” for the low price of 300 bucks a whack? And Bill (ahem adulterer) Pierson who will screw locals by keeping out competition?Who would have thought?

    Hey Bill, bite me. I now only shop at Ace. If they don’t have it I will buy it online.

  3. Atkins is so bad, even Fred will not vote for her.

  4. Bugs, please review her t-s piece today…”I” did this, and “I” did that, all patented bullshit.

  5. Ken Miller ? I haven’t heard that name in awhile. I was kinda hoping he had moved to Syria or Sudan.

  6. Very soon it will be “Linda who?”

  7. Linda is going to win. Easily. She is putting in the effort campaigning door to door.

    I believe she is retired, so she has all day to do it, and I have seen her several times over the last few weeks in various E*town nieghborhoods.

  8. Linda may win, but she is worthless. Also not very smart.

  9. Linda may win the city council election, but she will still be a loser in general !

  10. I’d like to buy you a beer and toast to that Anonymous @ 1:27 PM.

  11. Allison Kraus was great last night.

  12. bugs, where did y’all go??

  13. Well I am so disappointed that there is no discourse on this site. I started following years ago after being banned from Laraldo (good redidence to bad garbage – bye Larry). I feel there should be a discussion about the presidential election. Not that it makes a big difference, they are both puppets of the corporations, but seriously, Obamamymama a muslim from Kenya is about to take a second term?
    Seriously, he was all talk and all bull$hit, delivered nothing, put this coutry into the biggest debt we will ever know .

  14. I think Joe’s line in the debate was funny, about how he decried the “anti-business climate” chasing business away from Eureka – um… generated by one lone progressive vote? He didn’t really get into the details, which is a familiar pattern this election.

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