WHOOPS: Bugs misread election results, not that it matters…

Evidently when reading election results, one should read the entire line, not just one part. For a few minutes there, we thought and reported that Joe Bonino was up by 50, when as one anonymous noted, he’s actually down by 208 as the Times-Standard reported last night.

That whole contest, though, kind of left me scratching my head. Why does it matter? Key votes will continue to be 4-1, whereas if Bonino had won they would instead be 5-0. I believe the term for this is functional equivalency.

That said, is the race over? Are all the votes counted? Even if there was a sack of uncounted votes somewhere, it seems like a deficiency of 208 would be a hard corner to turn.

Anyway. Maybe Linda Atkins’ “She’s Disagreeable” platform resonated with voters after all.

15 Responses

  1. Disappointed in the write- in votes. I know it’s tough to get votes as a write- in but I was hoping to see at least a minimum of a hundred.

  2. Sorry bugs, but re-read the report. Linda has been re-elected. It must have been her charming personality.

  3. Whoopsies. Thanks, Anonymous, for minimizing our embarrassment. Atkins has a commanding lead. If it holds, as it likely will, this means the progs have a voice crying in the wilderness. Emotionally satisfying, perhaps, but politically irrelevant.

  4. Do you know what’s really sad about that race? Look at the number of voters. Considering the population of Eureka, that number of under 8K is pathetic. I’m pretty sure Fortuna’s populations is significantly smaller and we had over 5K vote.

  5. Oh and check out the “Undervotes”. I had to look up what that was since Fortuna’s city council race had almost 27% listed in the undervote category. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

  6. time crack open another one bugs

  7. It is ok Bugs, you admitted your mistake lightning quick and sincerely it reads (better than banning the poster who brought the embarrasing prospectus to your attention or “offering-up” fake apologies for the poster who caught the snafu). The key to being an “inclusive blog moderator” is to keep an open mind and not get so jealous, envious, power tripping mad, etc… the “tricks and games” to shut people out communication wise is a tactic by the guilty parties to squash facts and truth for some ulterior motive, usually political, economic or social stance building. All news from all media must be thoroughly reviewed for accuracy, integrity, sincereness, motive, etc…real apologies show sincereness, integrity, motive and better accuracies.

    Also Bugs, are you implying “Gaia” voices will filter through the forrest, but that the trees will mute the hollow cries? Hmm, maybe Governor Moonshiner Brown can liberally sign an “executive order” for Cal-Fire to do a “progressively controlled slash and burn” for wilderness fire preventions in the future, hoping some accident won’t burn the whole over-grown forrest down. Afterall, many say ya can’t see the forrest through the trees (maybe because of the “unmaintained” underbrush), even though the differences of opinions on that maintenance thought vary.

    The big reason why Linda won is she provides something different. Having elected officials all be the “same type of person” makes it hard to elect a full council that would 5-0 every voting opportunity. It is better with differing mindsets on any board, council, commission, etc… imo. Having 5 talking mouth pieces singing a quintet is surely a recipe for disaster. Having a quartet is less disasterous. The ideal recipe for politics is that no representation would be duplicated (IOW, every representative is different and 3-2 votes are in abundance. That is real democracy BECAUSE very rarely can a society with as many people as we NOW have can come to agreement in majority (part of the ruse of the two-party system is making people believe choices ONLY exist in a DUOPOLY)! Too funny silly American voters can be with their expectations to be met by any duopolist political representative.

    Tip for the new year —> Watch the stock market and see if more people “sell-out” prior to tax hikes and a fiscal cliff falling into the Red Sea! Those with money just may take their savings on another 4 year vacation exploitation. Who with money wouldn’t? Oh, that’s right, Buffet writes checks to help out while on vacation. We need more Buffets, but we need them to “actually write checks” as opposed to just talking about writing checks. – HOJ

  8. Bugs summed it up in the report and the above comment.


  10. At least we didn’t botch anything this time.

  11. Is it certified results yet, or will that take about a week?

  12. Is HOJ, Atkins secret love child? Maybe the reason she (O-hell, never mind).

  13. At least you still have the Henchman commenting here.
    All is not lost.

  14. Henchman comments when and where Henchman is “allowed to participate in the community”.

    Apparantly, there are people in Humboldt’s community who “talk all community this, community that in a high and mighty mannerism”, but in reality, they lie just like at church because their lies are for personal benefit, direct or indirect. This is why groupees exist in today’s reality (words of caring about what the group stands for is a farse and camoflauge cover-over) as groups are only concerned with power building. Look at the GPU process, AGAIN! Fake arse groups ploying the masses through the elected officals because their previous ploys flopped. Now, two sides are shaking hands and deciding to play fair with each other? Where is that groupee “names list”. Don’t trust any of them!

    Anonymous – That endorsement list above is long; and, HOJ notices many public employees and former public employees on that list, some whom are liars, thieves and back-stabbers – who would want the voting support of liars, thieves and back-stabbers? All for One in the same, supposedly? – HOJ

  15. Jen – in the booth, HOJ was singing “undervote here, undervote here, undervote here, etcetera…………..Yes on GMO, no on everything else (almost undervoted all props but the GMO). Two party systems don’t offer credible choices or options, but do offer “rubber stampers” a shoulder to cry upon AND an opportunity for duopolist career paths, if so chosen. It gets harder to feel sympathy for people in pain who keep voting duopolist! – HOJ

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