Happy Thanksgiving USFWS!!!!

8 Responses

  1. Got to love the DFG.. “trust us”

  2. Bugs,

    No “stuffed” egg shells for a calcium rich diet? Or, is the bird just “comatose” while its reproductive parts are severed during the celebrated “catch and release” program where the chicklets are saved by the “stuffed egg theory”?

    Further, wheres the black wine, paint and voodoo doctors?- HOJ

    Ps. Happy T-Day tomorrow

  3. Let them eat crow.

  4. I will fully enjoy my hormone filled Tryptophan trip to indulgence land. No free range crap for me, though I draw the line at poisoned crows.
    I’m thankful you keep posting, Bugs. Happy Eat Too Much Day.

  5. I have never eaten a corvid but have most certainly my share of crow. Nice to see these job security clowns at USF&WS are doing their best for ?/us/?them/$/? To bad nobody gave a flighing “F” about the 15 years of lost recreational,commercial access and uses everywhere these clowns pretend to save plovers. Everybody is for the plovers not the scum bags making a living off them and the public. Mad River Bio’s Ron LaValley made another fortune with his phony plover research.. Yurok tribe was not the first. Maybe a little spotted owl or murlett for X-mas dinner.

  6. C’mon Bugs, we all know that the McKinleyville/Arcata area school districts sent you this “community festive picture” because they could not afford a better showcase while paying out a deferred 56 million dollars just to borrow 4 million dollars for short term projects –> aka “political kickbacks to the well-connected” under the guises of “school needs, not all justifed”.

    For purposes of eating turkey, well, McKinleyvillians will be eating turkey, err crow, for years to come because the school board members WERE NOT taught mathematics very well by public educators (maybe some of the same educators are still sticking around for political reasons in order to take advantage of their dumbed-down former students that are now adult age decision makers of money and debt which never benefits the community, even though as the bandwagoneers chuck while advertizing the wagon, enough citizens wave gleefully, actually believing intelligent people are piloting the parade of charades).

    It ain’t the beaches, its the school districts where students are taught to flip and flop, deceive and diminish, tell lies, etc….. while their parents pander to power interest groupees trying to be something popular, while in reality, only getting engaged serving on school boards to make sure their own kids get the best at that particular moment regardless of the school district’s future mathematical viability! America is being destroyed from within ala a trojan horse because of these “well-connected” losers who spend, spend, spend not their own money! – HOJ

  7. ohhhh sigh.

    Now it’s a Bugs-Mck schools conspiracy.

    Maybe you should change the name of your site to “Twits on Parade.” I’ll plead guilty.


  8. Dog, you can’t plead guilty, your a dog for christs sake! Anyhow, no need to pour rabbit pee down a gopher hole. – HOJ

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