Linda Atkins’ sparkling personality continues to light our path

Pretty in Pink (photo credit: The Eureka Times-Standard)

Pretty in Pink (photo credit: The Eureka Times-Standard)

Aah, Linda Atkins, gracious even in victory. Humboldt County’s most unlikable politician demonstrates yet again why a man no one ever heard of before came within 300 votes of unseating her miserable ass.

According to the Times-Standard, while being sworn in Tuesday for her second term, Atkins said she was glad the “hideous campaign” was over. She followed this up with some equivalently tone-deaf remarks about the superiority of her campaign.

She apparently didn’t say anything about her former opponent’s nefariously round signs, but we’re sure that continues to stick in her throat, along with all of the expressions of human warmth and decency she can’t bring herself to utter.

19 Responses

  1. She’s still jealous that Bonino can grow a mustache without taking steroids.

  2. Was “Pretty in Pink” a question?

  3. I’m glad she won. Everyone needs someone to hate, and we can hate her with a sort of gloating indifference since she’s completely irrelevant.

  4. She’s like Pat Higgins. So obnoxious, even her friends don’t like her.

  5. “She’s still jealous that Bonino can grow a mustache without taking steroids.”
    What sort of scumbag piece of shit would write a comment like this?

  6. Even Pat’s wife doesn’t like him.

  7. Good old Joel Mielke. Still can’t tell when he’s the pot and when he’s the kettle. That’s been kind of a lifelong problem for him.

  8. The most unlikable Humboldt County politician? I don’t agree. There’s at least one other on that council who is a dishonest hypocrite and would throw anyone under the bus for his own gain. I know that fits any politician these days, but this person takes it to a whole new level. One of the disadvantages of this small county is that sometimes we get to know people too well, find out personal details they keep out of the media and the public eye.
    Is Linda Atkins annoying? No doubt. But I don’t give her the title of “most unlikable”. That honor belongs to another low down skunk.

  9. Back when he had his blog I thought he was a pretty nice guy. Funny, sometimes acerbic, but decent. Then I don’t know what happened to him. His almost comic hatred of Rose was an early sign. Now it’s like he needs medication or something. Sad.

  10. Dear Linda, she really is necessary. Obnoxious, fatuous, strident and tiresome, but necessary. She is most likely counting the minutes until Mr. Panos can be exposed to her wisdom, sagacity and view-point, endlessly exposed.

  11. Hideous campaign. Fits in right with her saying stuff like being on City Council is a waste of time.

    Gotta let the progs gloat over this “huge win” of 320 votes. It’s all they have. Clueless Linda

  12. [“She’s still jealous that Bonino can grow a mustache without taking steroids.”
    What sort of scumbag piece of shit would write a comment like this?]

    Joel, people like you leave comments like that….whew, glad we all understand that now. How is Lisa doing Joel? Did ya ever get that mammogram check-up for your brooding chest hairs? – HOJ

  13. FYI – Lisa is not related. Bummer Dude. Wrong again.

  14. Yo, Bugs! Where are you???? Could you atleast post a picture of a Christmas tree or a children’s choir, or Rudolph???? How long must we all be punished by having to look at this picture of Atkins the tatoo pawn?

  15. Question for FYI above: who said whom was related and where was this said in this post, Anonymous?

    searching, searching, searching….. – HOJ

  16. Speculative Rumor is Bugs and Heraldo are the same person, ouch! – HOJ

  17. Hey, any chance you can post something else so I don’t have to see Linda Asskins and her gal pal (not that there’s anything wrong with that – my ex-girlfriend swings that way). Just makes me want to puke. Drink up buttercup! Happy New Year!

  18. I heard that the Humboldt Mirror is moving to Louisiana.

  19. Ok. It’s been three months without a new post here. Time to roll up this blog and shut ‘er down. No sense in cluttering up cyberspace with another dead blog.

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