“Wow, first time at this blog. Obviously, the writer and most of the respondents are sick, brain-dead, scumbag, pieces-of-shit. All you right-wing fucks really need to die. Soon.”
-Auntie Arkley

“Wow, a blog for tasteless assholes. You’d think it would get more traffic.”

“wow. what a useless blog.”

“Sexist, ageist, Neanderthal pigs. Sorry for using innocent pigs to describe you.

“You people sound like five years (sic) olds laughing at farts.”

“Marginally readable…”
-Ryan Hurley

“Get a life and get off the internet.”
-in the know

“Maybe you can ask Heraldo for some pointers on how to write an interesting blog.”
-Andy Bird

“Truly tasteless…”
-Jeff Muskrat

“You guys are true visionaries.”
-An anonymous fan

“Obviously ridiculous piffle….”

“Can’t take anymore….”
-Carson Park Ranger

“Your last tagline ‘we can’t always be funny’ says it all.”

“We suck!”
-The Humbug

“Sigh. Sadly, I agree.”

“What kind of bug are you? A louse?”

“(Y)ou guys suck, like a young Republican on a congressional staff.”

14 Responses

  1. I thought a rave was some kind of party.

  2. And you without a cake.

  3. This blog punches those other “bloggers with a local crusade” in the nose, and we get to watch them bleed.


  4. Yes, boy, I tune in to see who gets skewered, and hope it’s not me! I wanna be sure to stay on the bugs’ good side! ‘Cause – ouch! if I don’t. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I hope you humbugs are not going away.

  6. When I called you morons “visionaries” I was being sarcastic. You’ve totally misrepresented the clear meaning of what I said.

  7. Get. The. Fuck. Out. Really? Well, we’re being sarcastic too. So go suck it, friend!!

  8. ” Can’t take anymore ” posted by poor ole’ Mr. ranger somehow got through . Like a bad Potatoe he keeps popping up again and again but , most bloggers won’t let him post .

  9. This is the worst blog ever!

  10. we have a new http://www.youtube.com/TheBobDoran channel

  11. Check me out! Google me.

  12. Wow, comments from such intelectuals !!!

  13. i like to read this cause everybody just talks sh!t ๐Ÿ˜€ haha

  14. What’s up with Durant? On the bright side, I guess it’s better to be a self-employed crackwhore than to be working (or not) for the TS.

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