Love always, Bonnie Neely

Did we know the Bon Bon was good friends with Neal Latt?

Yes, the overbearing “organic farmer” (*cough*) who spends his life telling everyone how wrong and stupid they are. That Neal Latt.

Maybe you knew it. We did not.

But looky what someone slipped under our door. An old letter the former supervisor wrote in support of the obnoxious asshat’s application to law school.

Not terribly important but kinda funny. It’s like the progs travel in packs or something. You never find one without six more right behind telling everyone how brilliant the first one is.

Such is the case here. Oh well. Maybe Neal can use his “unique qualities necessary to overcome adversity” along with his clout as a  “member of a local Ad-Hoc Wireless Telecommunications Committee” (one of six west-side whackadoos who insist cell towers are the devil) to write a reciprocal letter for the Bon Bon. Word is she’s looking for a job.

September 24, 2009
Law School Admission Council
662 Pen Street
P.O. Box 8508
Newtown, PA 18940-8508
RE: Letter of Recommendations for Neal G. Latt
Dear Council:
I am writing in support of Neal Latt’s application for admission to law school.  I have known Neal for over six years and in that time he has shown himself to be an extremely dedicated and committed individual. 
I am very pleased that Neal has chosen to pursue the field of law.  His character and determination in getting the job done is a testament to his overall leadership potential and drive to succeed.  As the owner/operator of Avalon Farms since 1996, Neal has demonstrated his philanthropic spirit by donating over 8,000 lbs. of fresh produce to local charities and non-profits.  He is active in many community organizations such as Food for People and Citizens for Real Economic Growth.  He continues to be a member of a local Ad-Hoc Wireless Telecommunications Committee formed to help guide local policy makers in the area of wireless communications.
Neal has the ability and fortitude to meet the challenges of advanced academic study.  He has set himself apart in both his professional and personal life and possesses those unique qualities necessary to overcome adversity.  I believe he is an exceptional individual and would bring a fresh new perspective to any law school.
I am respectfully requesting your favorable consideration of Neal’s application.   Thank you.
Bonnie Neely, 4th District Supervisor
County of Humboldt