Bugs basically looking forward to an eternity in hell

Wait. Who was supposed to bring the marshmallows?

Here’s a little something from the Foregone Conclusion Dept.

What with the world’s end and the messiah’s return and whatnot, it’s fair to say that the Bugs’ longterm prospects on this earth are not what anyone would call promising.

So we’re thinking–you know–embrace it! If you have to burn forever in hell, you should at least earn a few style points while you’re at it.

Which is why we’ve invited local hot chick Jennifer Savage and Ron the PBR delivery dude to join us for a millennium of crying and gnashing of teeth in the outer darkness. The Graphics Dept. correctly noted that no apocalypse would be complete without a little pestilence, so they’ve invited along a plague of giant mutant insects to more or less make this thing a party.

Anyhoo, have a good end of days! Last one into the lake of fire is a rotten egg!!

Humboldt Mirror celebrates (almost) six months of mediocrity

It’s our (not quite) six-month anniversary here in the Humboldt blogosphere, and we’re feeling a bit nostalgic.

Lazy as ever, but nostalgic just the same, we thought we’d throw a little cut-and-paste, memory-lane type crap your direction.

So what have we accomplished thus far?

Practically nothing!

Let’s review:

But what really matters is what you, our friends, have done for us. In the Mirror’s first (less than) six months, you visited our craptastic site more than 130,000 times!! For no reason! What were you thinking? This county really is boring.

So happy (almost) anniversary to us, and thanks to both of our readers for making this blog suck just a little bit less. We totally heart you!