Larry Glass teaches us all a valuable lesson

At least he's fashionable.

At least he's fashionable.

Dear Larry Glass,

Thank you for recognizing the obvious and dropping your poorly conceived rental housing ordinance before wasting any more time and money trying to shove that bag of crap down the throats of an unwilling electorate.

However, please do not think you have a pass on whatever new idea you rolled out at the workshop Tuesday night.

Oh–remember that event? The one that was so poorly noticed attendance dropped from a couple hundred at the previous meeting to fewer than a couple dozen on Tuesday? Weird, huh?

We could find no advance word of the meeting anywhere, except of course on your friend’s blog, the same forum you routinely use to distribute your talking points, reward your friends and punish those who dare to oppose you.

But you, great man of the people that you are, somehow failed to send that announcement to this blog, which as you know has been following the issue somewhat closely.

Still, the little upset over this proposed ordinance pointed out to those of us who don’t drink your grape kool-aid how out of touch you are with the residents of this city and how easily you can be stopped when we put our minds to it.

Thank you for that. It’s a lesson we won’t soon forget.

Hugs from the bugs.