How do you figure?

Am I the only one who wonders what was happening in the moments immediately preceding "Hey I know! Let's Google it!"?

WordPress comes equipped with all sorts of helpful information as part of its blog hosting service. We especially like the list of search terms it provides that show which words and phrases people typed into their computer to land at the Humboldt Mirror. Really? Light testicle spanking?

Dishing It Out, with Barb Leonard

Our favorite contrarian is back, and she’s full of surprises as usual.

In this post, guest commentator Barb Leonard offers a few words of advice for the new Eureka City Council as it considers, again, the Jefferson School purchase.

You go, girl!

It’s baaaccckkkkk! Yup, just when it looked like two-hour meetings would be the norm, the new council decided going backward was more productive than solving current problems facing the city. Two and a half hours of numbing testimony re: Jefferson School didn’t teach them anything. They tabled the issue and will face it again tonight.

To re-cap: The West Side has a project (Jefferson School) they are enthusiastic about. The city has an opportunity, indeed has promised, to assist the neighborhood by purchasing that property. The purchase price is more than reasonable and a good investment for redevelopment money. There may be no redevelopment money in the
near future so it makes sense to invest what we can now.

Those two things should be a win-win for both the city of Eureka and the West Side neighbors who want to improve a derelict property. Shouldn’t our representatives applaud that effort instead of blocking it?

The collective hand-wringing over the city taking a financial hit doesn’t seem sensible to me. There are developers lining up to bail them out if the West Side Association should fail. Give the association a time line and hold them to it.

The enthusiasm of Heidi Benzonelli is contagious. I think she and her group can pull it off. If they don’t, the failure will be their own and the city can sell a piece of property that will at least be in better condition than the day they bought it.

Now, if Linda can keep a civil tongue, maybe the new council can view this issue as a road map to future harmony. The newly elected should remember they represent everyone. Reneging on a previous council action would not be a very harmonious beginning. In fact, it would be downright acrimonious. Let’s get ‘er done and move on!

We told Barb Leonard to blow us, but she wrote a guest post instead. We don’t need to tell you who won that round.

A few months back, the bugs and Barb Leonard got into a tiff over our use of a particular photo of Paul Gallegos. There was sturm, there was drang, and yes–we really did tell Jeff Leonard’s mother to blow us. She took a pass on that, but we agreed to disagree, then became pen pals, and next thing you know the old gal’s writing for the Humboldt Mirror.

Pinch us!

Anyhoo. For her inaugural missive, the incomparable Barbster gives us her take on political fear-monging.

Bottom line?

She’s against it.

See for yourself:

Since the ploy to incite fear of cell tower installations is receiving more guffaws than a Jerry Seinfeld rerun, the brain trust that makes this stuff up has decided to give “emissions from Smart Meters” a whirl around the dance floor.

Sorry, I don’t buy it. I grew up in an era when DDT was a household staple. Our mothers used atomizers to spray the precious carcinogen inside our homes. The sight of flying insects hitting the deck was followed with hoots of “mission accomplished!!” Those were the good old days, when second hand smoke was the expectation and no one had ever heard of car seats or Sarah Palin.

So, when I arrived home one day last month and found a door hanger and brochure informing us PG&E had installed our new smart meters, I obviously found no cause for alarm.

After viewing recent civic meetings, where questions of mysterious health issues with Smart Meters have been raised, we decided to be more cognizant of how we are feeling… always a riveting subject when trapped into conversations with Seniors.

So far, we have not experienced constipation, headaches, dizziness, nausea, dry mouth, altered vision, diarrhea, vomiting, sleeplessness, brain malfunction, suicidal tendencies or erections lasting over four hours. I must admit if the latter was an issue, suicide could become an option, although a spirited game of ring toss might be more appealing.

You want to live in fear? Here’s another opportunity to spread misinformation and scare your neighbors shitless. On the other hand, if you believe this is just another anti-corporation ploy by the usual suspects open your windows and holler “DING…NEXT,” and we can move on to some really scary stuff like sonar invasion and dead birds.