Carson Park Mofo goes ahead and steps in it this time

Oh it’s on now, bitches.

It. Is. On. And someone over at the Eureka Standard better be scared.

He Whose Name We Shall Not Speak has given the Humboldt Mirror additional unwanted publicity, and even gone so far as to suggest we might be more popular than Fred, the undisputed king of Humboldt blogdom!

In mitigation, HWNWSNS did note, correctly, that our seemingly clever posts are in fact entirely derivative, so he’s not all bad.

But will we allow these affronts to continue? We will not.

He must be stopped. But how?


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New salvo launched in battle of D-list blogs

A veteran blogger attempted to destroy a couple of young upstarts Tuesday night by driving unmanageable amounts of traffic to the fledgling rivals’ web log.

“I’ll admit it, we’re in full-blown crisis mode right now,” said a Humboldt Mirror spokesman, who spoke with the Humboldt Mirror on condition of anonymity.

“Joel Mielke of the Eureka Standard accused us of having ‘way-better mastheads’—a charge we categorically deny—but the allegation has caused new page views in the high single digits to flood our servers and override our state-of-the-art security systems,” the spokesman said.

In Mielke’s post, he warned the Mirror that as many as 23 of his 41 daily readers had visited the new site, with up to six or seven additional visits anticipated.

“Not on my watch,” the Mirror spokesman shot back. “We will languish for years in obscurity if it’s the last thing we do.”

Reached by phone Wednesday morning, Mielke claimed to be “unaware” of the flap, but said he would put up a new post containing a photo of a super-cute vicious pit bull, “just to show that there are no hard feelings on our side.”