Gosh. Who do you think commissioned this poll?

"Nuh uh--YOU'RE stupider."

Oh and Bon Bon–a quick thought, if we may: When conducting super-stealthy push polls, it’s generally a good idea to avoid polling members of the opposition’s campaign team.


“Good afternoon, may I please speak with ____________?

My name is _____ with EMC Marketing.  We are conducting a poll in Humboldt County and I would like to take a moment of your time and ask you a few questions. I won’t be selling you anything, but rather conducting an informational interview.

Are you a registered voter?

Will you be voting in the upcoming June primaries?

Do you feel Humboldt County is on the right track or the wrong track?

Do you feel that one of the most important issues in the upcoming elections is the cleanup of our environment?

On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being “not important” and 10 being “extremely important” to you – can you please tell me how you feel about the following subjects?

  • Jobs
  • Taxes
  • Health care
  • Grow houses
  • Forest lands
  • Crime
  • Roads
  • Schools

For the following people and/or groups, please tell us whether you have an “unfavorable,” “neutral” or “positive” opinion of the following:

  • Blue Lake Rancheria
  • Sierra Club
  • Sheriffs
  • Rob Arkley
  • Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Wes Chesbro
  • Patti Berg
  • Paul Gallegos

In the upcoming Fourth District Supervisor’s race, how do you feel about the following candidates — “strongly unfavorable,” “unfavorable,” “neutral” or “positive” or “strongly positive”?

  • Jeff Leonard
  • Bonnie Neely
  • Virginia Bass

Now we would like to ask you a series of questions. Please tell us which of these two statements best reflects your views:

A.   Supervisor Bonnie Neely has been in office for 24 years, which is too long.  She needs to go.
B.   Supervisor Bonnie Neely works tirelessly for our community.  She cleaned up Old Town Eureka. She protects our environment and built our library.

Which of those statements best reflects your views?

For the following questions, please tell us whether you have “strongly unfavorable,” “unfavorable,” “neutral” or “positive” or “strongly positive” opinion of the following statements:

Bonnie Neely started the Redwood Coast Jazz Festival, which brings in $3 million to our local community and many jobs.

Bonnie Neely believes in smart growth.

Bonnie Neely voted to increase her own salary.

Bonnie Neely has been in office for too long and should retire.

Bonnie Neely is the champion of protecting our environment by stopping the oil drilling off the Humboldt coastline.

Bonnie Neely stopped Wal-Mart.

Bonnie Neely brought forward the children’s health initiative, which gave 4,000 needy children health coverage.

Bonnie Neely is the chair of the California Coastal Commission.

Bonnie Neely switched political parties from Republican to Democrat, so she can’t be trusted if she changes her ideals.

Bonnie Neely will fight developers and demand a full clean up of our environment. She will fight the frivolous lawsuits that are delaying the clean up of our environment.

Now I’m going to change over to questions to Virginia Bass.  Please tell us whether you have “strongly unfavorable,” “unfavorable,” “neutral” or “positive” or “strongly positive” opinion of the following statements:

Virginia Bass’ biggest supporter is Rob Arkley, a right-wing billionaire who is trying to buy the Humboldt County Supervisor race with thousands of dollars of contributions to Virginia.

Virginia Bass is a life-long resident who gives to our local community by being the former president of the Kiwanis, a board member of the Eureka Chamber of Commerce and board member of the Humboldt County Conventioneers Visitors Bureau.

Virginia Bass told the North Coast Journal, “I’ve never dealt with an environmental cleanup before.”  She has mismanaged the cleanup of the Balloon Track.

Virginia Bass took a free ride on the Arkley jet, which she never reported, to attend a George W. Bush fundraiser.

Virginia Bass has served the City of Eureka well.

Virginia Bass allowed the City of Eureka spending to get out of control.  She raised our taxes and cut funding to the Eureka Fire Department and Sequoia Zoo.

Virginia Bass is supported by 30 right-wing developers and businessmen who contributed over $300,000 to her campaign so they can influence loose environmental laws, increase forest clear-cutting and build more houses.

Virginia Bass says it’s time for a change.

Virginia Bass is a lifelong resident with deep roots to our community, whose family owned OH’s Townhouse.

If the June primary election was held today — who would you vote for between Jeff Leonard, Bonnie Neely, and Virginia Bass?

If the June primary election was held today — who would you vote for between Bonnie Neely and Virginia Bass?

Thank you for your time.