All the not-so-pretty horses

Let’s hope Paul Gallegos has Mandrake the Magician on speed-dial, because our illustrious District Attorney went and did some more dumb shit he’s gonna want everyone to forget about by election time.

So remember while you still can the 39 horses seized Aprl 1 from a Myers Flat farm. The ones standing on deformed and infected hooves in crowded pens, knee-deep in feces, matted, filthy, crawling with lice and—oh yeah, starving.

Those horses.

Steve Knight, the sheriff’s lieutenant who runs the county’s animal shelter, requested numerous felony charges against their owner, 68-year-old Elsie Smith.

But sources at the county tell the Humboldt Mirror that the DA, in his unfettered authority and infinite wisdom, elected to file only two misdemeanor charges against Smith.

Not two charges for each horse. Two charges total—one for neglecting all of the horses, the second for hiding a fortieth horse during the seizure.

It’s silly to think throwing some little old lady in the slammy for hoarding horses would provide any kind of positive outcome to this case. But had Gallegos gotten even one felony conviction, he could have suspended the sentence, placed Smith on probation, and prevented her from owning horses again for several years.

Instead, the 10 horses Smith has thus far elected not to sign over to the county may quite likely be returned to a woman with an at least 10-year history of animal neglect.

Donations to offset the expense of caring for the horses can be sent to Heart of the Redwoods Horse Rescue at P.O. Box 226 in Cutten, 95534.

We bugs have dug into the couch cushions and even the beer fund to send a few bucks to this worthy organization. But we’d be willing to dig deeper, much deeper, to support an equally worthy candidate willing to run against Bozo the DA in 2010.

Any takers?