Ruh-roh, Mofo

The usually genial and endearing Carson Park Mofo is hosting a major bitch-fight over at the Eureka Standard. There’s hair-pulling, eye-scratching, dozens of impressively insulting words (many of which we can’t even pronounce!) and a sprinkling of deleted comments.

It. Is. On.

We’ll recap them there fightin’ words in order of appearance:

“agist (sic) pig
“lardy ass
“lack of discipline
“fumbling circumlocution
“champion of grandmas
“incipient decrepitude
“pitifully uninformed
“sniper fire delusion/chronic flight from credibility
“my grandmother is a racist
“mentally unfit
“senile old fart
“Goddamn America
“angry and ignorant
“America is damned for killing innocet (sic) people
“I guess you dont (sic) follow Jesus
“right-wing ideologues
“Fox news viewers
“rich people
“Cartmanesque glib ad hominem attacks
“not as funny as Cartman
“less substance
“oafish tidbits of history from coffee table books about WWII
“polo champion
“fatuous innuendo
“stealing from your employer

We have only the vaguest idea what they’re arguing about—but friends! We’re Americans! Our wars don’t need reasons. Go join one side or the other, and let’s turn this thing blog-o-nuclear!!!

Carson Park Mofo goes ahead and steps in it this time

Oh it’s on now, bitches.

It. Is. On. And someone over at the Eureka Standard better be scared.

He Whose Name We Shall Not Speak has given the Humboldt Mirror additional unwanted publicity, and even gone so far as to suggest we might be more popular than Fred, the undisputed king of Humboldt blogdom!

In mitigation, HWNWSNS did note, correctly, that our seemingly clever posts are in fact entirely derivative, so he’s not all bad.

But will we allow these affronts to continue? We will not.

He must be stopped. But how?


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