Humboldt Mirror rolls out pimp new format

The Humboldt Mirror is continuing its glorious but mediocre return with a move to an easier-to-read three-column format.

The new design was chosen primarily to make room for more widgets, which both of our readers seem to enjoy. In fact we would go so far as to say they’re crazy for widgets. Consider, for example, this e-mail:

Dear Humboldt Mirror,
This is the crappiest blog in the world. Heraldo’s, by the way, is the best.
I hope you shit a squirrel.
From, Andy Bird Anonymous

P.S. More widgets, please!

Well, you narcissistic douchebag Anonymous, message received! Now we’ve basically got widgets coming out of our butts. There are widgets for fun Twitter stuff, fun tag stuff and archived old stuff. We’ve got widgets for stuff you’re reading, stuff you’re saying, stuff you’re clicking and a list of links to other people’s stuff. We’ve even got a widget that will slap your ass and call you Susan–wait a minute, actually, no, we don’t have that one quite yet.

Anyway, we hope you enjoy the new format. Now as soon as those drunktards from the Graphics Department sober up, we’ll have some more of our world famous artwork to go with it.

Thanks, happy blog friends!! Enjoy!

We’re plotting our glorious return, and boy will it be mediocre!!

The irreverence you love…. The irrelevance you’ve come to expect….

That’s right, friends! Just as soon as we round up those lazy bastards from the Graphics Department, The Humboldt Mirror will reclaim its spotty reputation and half-hearted production schedule. Go ahead! Thank us!!

But this may take a while. Last we heard from those miscreant designers, they were muling transporting kush product for Chris Kerrigan’s latest failure venture. Let’s hope Chris is a better dealer agricultural retailer than campaign manager (although it’s statistically unlikely that he could be any worse).

So listen up, Graphics Department. We’ve got things to do, people to skewer, trouble to cause.  And how are we to do this without the highly stylized if somewhat predictable graphic content both of our readers have come to know and love? Hmm? How?

So come on home to the bugs. Put down that dank and crack open an honest, wholesome PBR. Think of the fun we’ll have, the shit we’ll disturb, the many seconds of entertainment we’ll provide.

And if that’s not working for you, think of the information we’ll turn over to your parole officers if you don’t.

Yeah. That information.

What?? You’re coming back? We’re delighted!!

See you very soon, friends!