New name–same great smell

The Bonnie Neely Memorial Toxic Waste Dump and Homeless Poopatorium

In honor of all the hard work our Fourth District Supervisor has put into blocking the environmental cleanup of the Balloon Track and preventing its subsequent use for jobs and industry, the contaminated 40-acre site has been renamed The Bonnie Neely Memorial Toxic Waste Dump and Homeless Poopatorium.

At a ribbon-cutting ceremony yesterday, Neely fake-cried and talked about the six terms she spent sitting impassively in her office while the site leeched dioxin into the bay.

“What sets me apart from my opponent is vision,” she said. “I have a vision for Humboldt County, and part of that is to make sure we preserve the former Balloon Track as the stinking, festering pimple on the ass of Eureka it has been throughout my two and a half decades on the board.”

Neely added that she’s been too busy playing political games and worrying about her own financial future to pay much attention to the problems and concerns of working people. But if she’s re-elected, she said, she’ll make sure she gives employment and other economic issues better lip service, as she has in the run-up to this election.

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Meanwhile, back at the North Coast Journal…

Informed readers are pointing out some logic gaps in Hanky-Panky Sims’ latest prog reach-around. His basic premise: A few senselessly oppositional folk on the left may have fought to block any development project Rob Arkley put forward, but this whole Marina Center shitstorm is still Arkley’s fault because he didn’t consult with them first.

Brilliant!! Because that would have changed everything!

The Town Dandy did get one thing right, though. If the Coastal Commission does block cleanup of the site, the Balloon Track could, as Hank stated, “sit there as is for another 100 years, leaching its ugly self into the Bay, and the Coastal Commission would never say boo.”

That in a nutshell is what an environmentalist victory would look like here.

So yay!! Nobody wins.

Mike Wilson: Trailblazer

I want port development not.

No, the Graphics Department is not going to pay for your therapy.

He may not be much for making money, but he sure knows how to spend it.

Third Division Harbor Commissioner Mike Wilson tells us that if he’s re-elected he wants to create  a vast array of water- and land-based trails for hikers, water skiers, kayakers, canoers,  paragliders,  biodiesel-powered jetskis, synchronized swimmers, etc.

He hasn’t said how he plans to pay for any of this out of the Harbor District’s upside-down budget, but not to worry. Wilson told the Times-Standard that trails have an economic component too: Businesses use amenities like these to attract a high-quality workforce.

It’s genius!! So instead of creating new jobs to replace the ones he and his far-left buddies have chased away, he’s going to help the few businesses still here recruit employees from places outside of Humboldt County.

Thanks, Mike! That’s just what we need.