Boy oh Boyd!

If any of my fellow moderate democrats wonders why the left in Humboldt County appears so clueless and out of touch, let’s consider for a moment the leadership of the Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee.

HCDCC Chair Milt Boyd also chairs the board of the Arcata Community Recycling Center, which recently lost a large municipal contract–and 60 percent of its business–when it was emphatically outbid by Willits-based Renewable Waste Systems.

As the Arcata Eye reported,

To the [Humboldt Waste Management Authority] boardmembers, including Arcata Councilmember Michael Winkler, the decision was clear-cut – ACRC responded to a request for five-year contract proposals with an offer to process recyclables at a cost of $65 a ton. Renewable Waste Systems is offering to pay the HWMA $8 a ton.

Put another way, ACRC’s proposal would have cost the HWMA $2.2 million over the five-year contract period while RWS promises $280,000 in revenue.

So did Chairman Boyd ask for a chance to bring back a lower bid? Did he say he was going to have his board take a hard look at why the ACRC’s price structure was so laughably uncompetitive? Did he acknowledge the HWMA’s fiduciary obligation to ratepayers to provide the best service at the lowest cost?

Not exactly. Boyd said in an interview,

“I’m really disappointed with having supported the representatives on that board,” he said. “Their mantra throughout was, ‘Jobs, jobs, jobs,’ and here we go, shipping those jobs out of Humboldt County.”

And who cares if captive ratepayers would have to pony up 2 million unnecessary dollars to pay for them?