Anti-timber activist inadvertently tells the truth about something

Following decades of hyperbole about the timberlands formerly owned by the Pacific Lumber Company, it’s somewhere between jarring and refreshing to hear that maybe Charles Hurwitz was not, after all, forever teetering on the verge of cutting down the last redwood tree in Humboldt County.

In a My Word about a different tract of redwoods, Petrolia eco-warrior David Simpson takes credit for helping MRC acquire PL’s acreage–which he goes on to describe as”one of the true gems of the world’s forests.”


After all the barren moonscape this, environmental wasteland that, suddenly the trees the sky had been falling on for the last 20 years are the eighth goddamn wonder of the world?

Probably it’s hard to keep track of your talking points for that long.

Then again, Simpson and his eco-groovy compatriots have nothing to gain anymore from grossly exaggerating the conditions of that property.

They’ve moved on. Their current target is the 50,000-acre Usal Redwood Forest in northern Mendocino County, which millions of dollars in public funds are desperately needed to save.

And the purported condition of that property?

Simpson calls it “a remnant of heavily cutover forest.”

No doubt he means it for reals this time.

Good thing this doesn’t smell bad. At all. Really.

This looks like an excellent use of coastal resources.

Remember Dana Point?

We do, although last time we were there it didn’t look exactly like this. They hadn’t yet, you know, ruined it or whatnot.

But let’s not get bogged down in the details. Instead–quickly!!–a few words from the sales literature.

Ahem: “Situated on 121 acres of pristine beachfront terrain, The Strand at Headlands is [make that “was”] the last undeveloped oceanfront property in Orange County, Calif. Nestled between Laguna Beach and San Clemente, Dana Point maintains its small-town atmosphere and is characterized by nearly seven miles of prominent coastal bluffs and rolling hills along the Pacific Ocean. Virtually all of the homesites at this gated community have unobstructed ocean views, with the front row sitting a mere 25 feet above Strand Beach, with private staircases planned that will lead to the surfing haven below. Phase I lots are sold out; a second phase of 10 homesites was expected at presstime to be released in early February, with prices ranging from $4 million to $8 million. The Strand homeowners will have private use of a 9,000-square-foot Beach Club. Sanford Edward’s two firms, Master Plan Developments and White Sand Realty, are currently the managing partner and broker of record that oversee the development activities at the Strand.”

We’d ask what’s not to love–but come on, people. Nothing. Duh.

No, the only question we have is this: Why would the developer of this California Coastal Commission-approved waterfront-destroying housing behemoth give $10,000 to the campaign of a backwater supervisor of a county 600 miles away, even if the supervisor does–coincidentally, we’re sure–happen to serve as the Coastal Commission chair?

Mayor Bass makes it official today

For Immediate Press Release:

Please join Eureka Mayor Virginia Bass for a press conference.

Virginia will be announcing her candidacy for Humboldt County 4th District Supervisor on the County Courthouse steps (5th and I Streets) this Thursday, December 17th at 12:00 noon.

Virginia was twice elected to Eureka City Council before she was elected as Eureka Mayor.

Her father OH Bass previously served as Humboldt County 4th District County Supervisor and Virginia would like to continue her family’s legacy as a public servant to our community.

Virginia previously managed her family’s business, OH’s Townhouse, and has participated in many local charitable fundraising events such as the American Cancer Society’s “Relay for Life” and is the past President of the Henderson Center Kiwanis Club.

For further information, please email Virginia Bass at

And it looks like that state appointment hasn’t come through yet for the Bon Bon.  Neely also said Wednesday that she would announce her candidacy at a later date. Virginia’s camp decided not to wait. An alternate version of the Bass news release stated:

Our current Fourth District Supervisor has been in office almost a quarter of a century.  It’s time for a change and a fresh perspective of Humboldt County.

Not bad for a warm-up round. If we were running Virginia’s campaign, though, we’d definitely focus on her huge hotness advantage. But pointing out that Neely was first elected Supervisor during the fucking Reagan Administration also does the trick.

Good luck Jeff and Virginia!

BREAKING NEWS: Is Loretta Nickolaus calling it quits?

Tragedy strikes: Is Her Hotness really leaving us?

Tragedy strikes: Is Her Hotness really leaving us?

Numerous sources tell the Humboldt Mirror that Loretta Nickolaus is stepping down from her post as County Administrative Officer, the highest non-elective position in the county. Notice was given recently, with her last day said to be Dec. 18.

The highly respected Nickolaus has long been considered the brightest light in local government. While admittedly some have set the bar rather low, no one but Bonnie Neely ever had a bad word to say about Loretta.

Which of course just made us like her that much more.