Bugs outsource Blog to way funnier person

Brought to you by the Mayor of Henderson Center.

Humboldt Herald somehow manages to be even stupider than usual

The brain trust over at the Humboldt Herald has determined that former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin is personally responsible for that awful business in Arizona where a mentally ill young man shot 18 people, killing six, including a federal judge and a 9-year-old girl, and critically wounding Democratic Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.

If we wind up dead nine months from now, we'll have only ourselves to blame.

The basis of the Herald’s accusation? A Palin-sponsored campaign piece from last March that encouraged Republicans to vote against representatives of 20 Congressional districts that supported federal health care legislation. The 20 districts are identified on a map with small icons that resemble crosshairs, and one such district happened to have been Giffords’.

Get the connection?


Yeah. We don’t either.

The Herald post making this breathless pronouncement begins with a curious statement:

“Reap what you have sown, inflammatory swine.”

We think the inflammatory swine writing that blog would do well to heed their own advice.

Gallegos still unable to produce original material

Paul, Paul, Paul.

Following the tweets of blogs that ridicule you mercilessly is so last week.

But look!! A special shout-out to our friends over at the Humboldt Herald for following along as well.

We feel the love!

(Click the graphic to enlarge. Sometimes this stuff is even funnier when you can see it.)

SHOCKER: Prog blog reports Larry Glass is right about something else

Media darling and terrific dancer

In a development sure to set the blogosphere ablaze, the Humboldt Herald announced that, once again, Larry Glass was right about something, while everyone Larry Glass dislikes was wrong.

This most recent incident comes hard on the heels of previous Humboldt Herald reports that Glass knew something no one else knew, said something no one else had the nuts to say, was calm when everyone around him panicked, and rescued someone no one else would save.

The Herald stated that Glass additionally was brave when everyone else was frightened, and able to stick to a low-carb diet months after everyone else had gone back to pizza and beer.

“This guy is like effing Superman,” said one reader who asked to remain anonymous because he secretly thinks Glass is a boorish dimwit.

“But instead of working for the Daily Planet, Larry’s sending a nonstop stream of self-promotional horseshit to the Herald,” the reader said. “But I’m sure Larry knows what he’s doing. I mean, shit, Larry knows what everyone’s doing. He’s fucking Larry Glass.”

There have been additional unconfirmed reports that Glass has walked on water, healed the blind and raised a handful of old progs from the dead just in time for the June primary.

Glass is also said to have  turned water into wine, which Natalynne DeLapp made short work of.

In related Herald news, Rob Arkley continued his quest for world domination, David Tyson was still an asshole, Linda Atkins wasn’t nearly as unpleasant as she seemed, Bonnie Neely was democracy’s last hope, and Paul Gallegos they’d just as soon not talk about.

Admittedly, no one ever said he was smart

Well shit. There goes the very last trace of Gallegos' integrity.

Or honest, for that matter.

Over at the Humboldt Herald, the absence of both qualities is once again on proud display, today’s example being a hysterical headline screaming  about “abused babies” being used as “political footballs”–something only Heraldo appears to be doing.

At issue is a horrific child abuse case current DA Paul Gallegos botched on appeal a while back. DA challenger Allison Jackson knew the case well, because she prosecuted it at the trial level.

Which is where Heraldo’s version of events predictably parts company with reality.

He, she or it would have voters believe that the case came back on appeal because of something Jackson did. To wit: “Jackson herself botched the prosecution in 2000.”

But even the fragments of the minutes Heraldo selectively used state that the case was returned because the defendant was misadvised of his appellate rights.

Sounds serious, right? Arguably, it is.

Only problem with that is, as one Mirror regular noted, prosecutors don’t advise defendants of appellate rights. Judges do.

Not that it matters. Heraldo is clearly preaching to the choir. There probably isn’t a better demographic out there within which to drum up support for Gallegos than people who proudly and persistently don’t give one small shit about the truth.

It’s exactly the same quality Gags gas been modeling for the past seven years.