Blue Lake Casino teaches whitey important principles of natural selection

$ Milk Money $

Great news, crazy people!! It just got even easier for you to become a burden to society.

Unpasteurized milk is now for sale at the Blue Lake Casino Play Station 777 convenience store, despite reams of scientific data linking viruses, parasites and bacteria from “raw” milk to illness and death.

The sale of unpasteurized milk is illegal in Humboldt County. The Blue Lake Rancheria, as a sovereign nation, is not subject to the ban.

Rancheria spokeswoman Jana Ganion characterized the decision to sell the milk as “just the latest example of the Blue Lake Rancheria’s rich tradition of giving.”

Ganion explained,

The council decided to offer raw milk because many of the tribal members were raised on raw milk, and they wanted to make it available for those who wish to drink it.

For the same reason, she said, Play Station 777 has begun selling 40s of Steel Reserve to 8-year-olds.

Ganion went on to say that the tribe operates a casino to teach young adults remedial math and improve the hand-eye coordination of seniors on fixed incomes.

But the spokeswoman bristled when asked if the Rancheria would take responsibility for the expenses and public health consequences associated with consumption of unpasteurized milk. The tribe, she said, would provide a “complete package” of support, including bingo discounts, drink coupons, and a complimentary trip through Alice’s Buffet.