Pierson hearts Ash. A lot.

Harbor District candidate John Ash’s campaign finance filings are late again, but when they finally do appear, it’s unlikely his moderate and conservative supporters are going to be thrilled about that $3,000 contribution from Bill Pierson.

It might not be the largest amount ever raised by a candidate for one of the unpaid commission seats, but we’d be fascinated to learn if there’s ever been a single contribution larger than this.

And Big Bill doesn’t have a history of tossing money around blindly. He tends to get repaid.

So what will Ash do for him?

Sure, John. Go ahead and quote us.

First the progs split over John Ash’s Harbor District candidacy. Now, as this screen shot of his campaign website shows, it appears that even technology has turned against him. Next thing you know, Mary Vellutini’s gonna dump his whack, egomaniacal ass and vote Marks. Fortunately the election’s on a Tuesday. Five-cent cookie day makes everyone feel better.

blah blah

Evidently Ash's own campaign website isn't sure he'd be that great for either.

Confidential to John Ash: Size really isn’t everything. Really.

Ash is so desperate

Two staffers from John Ash's Harbor District campaign help transport one of his supersized self-promotional postcards to the post office for mailing.

Chesbro, Woolley endorse Richard Marks

A news release issued tonight states Wes Chesbro and several other prominent Democrats have endorsed Richard Marks for Harbor District commissioner, division four.

In the news release, Chesbro states, “Richard recognizes the importance of connecting job creation with environmental stewardship. I applaud his commitment to developing sustainable industries that strengthen our local economy while preserving the natural beauty of our bay. He’s definitely the right choice for Harbor Commissioner.”

Marks replied, “I am honored to have the endorsement of Assemblyman Chesbro, and will work hard to create living wage job opportunities along our bay.”

Marks has also been endorsed by John Woolley, Mark Wheatley, Shane Brinton, Ronnie Pellegrini, Peter La Vallee, Frank Jager and Matthew’s wife Virginia Bass.

The release added that Marks additionally has the support of local unions.

He is running against John Ash and Susan Penn. Ash has a controversial past, an undefined agenda and an odd and dwindling list of endorsements, while Penn, a newcomer to local politics,  has some prog support but couldn’t raise enough money to get her candidate statement in the sample ballot.

Someone’s overcompensating…

Brainstorm this, bitches

The Harbor Commission race gets all supersized and shit.

Okay, okay. The Graphics Department got liquored up last night and went a little crazy with the Photoshop. But seriously–have you seen the size of Harbor District candidate John Ash’s lawn signs? We would need a bigger lawn. They’re that big.

Maybe hiding behind the high-impact signage is a candidate who has yet to articulate what his campaign is all about.

On the subject of job creation, Ash calls for–and we’re not kidding here– “brainstorming sessions.”

As for development, you’ll have to sort this one out on your own: “Development needs to be more than a novelty; it’s about innovation toward change that is quality driven, that works well, with evidence that it will be successful.”

Uh, okay.

It’s hard to say what kind of commissioner Ash would be. But we’re more inclined to support someone whose connection to the bay comes from a lifetime of living and working on it, like Richard Marks, instead of someone whose experience is paddling around it in a kayak.

Regardless, Ash should keep in mind he’s running for the Harbor District, not the presidency. Dude needs to chillax with the lawn signs a little before that smell of desperation becomes permanent.