Happy birthday, Rose!!

Okay, okay.

Maybe it’s not that funny when a duly elected district attorney misleads a criminal grand jury in order to get an indictment against two police officers–and not funnier still when, after being brutally bitch-slapped by a judge, said district attorney says he needs to think about whether he should continue his campaign of harassment.

But whenever we hear the words “Paul Gallegos” and “unprecedented legal theory” in the same sentence, we know there’s a punchline coming eventually.

You just gotta wait for it…

and wait…

and wait.

After all this time, what we get is another Gallegos moment, another unprecedented, groundbreaking, bullshit case tossed long before it ever gets to trial.

In his ruling Tuesday, Judge Feeney said Gallegos provided inadequate instructions to the grand jury, omitted exculpatory information, lacked sufficient evidence to prevail at trial, and did not appear to understand the legal significance of exigent circumstances.

Feeney added that Gallegos’ case was so weak, he was not persuaded Cheri Lyn Moore was even dead, and for all he knew “could be working the deli counter at Winco.”

Alright, alright. We made that last part up.

But this latest debacle raises a number of serious questions, not the least of which is this stumper:

Why is Gallegos always trying to create new law when he obviously has so little interest in enforcing the laws that actually do exist?