Gallegos loses a deputy but gains a potential new scapegoat

Help wanted, and we're not talking about jobs.

As of today, it seems that Deputy District Attorney Ben McLaughlin can add another word to his title: Former.

He and District Attorney Paul Gallegos, whom McLaughlin actively supported in the last election, had what was described as an “ugly” confrontation in the middle of jury selection that ended with McLaughlin quitting his job and walking out of the courthouse.

Conversation must have been interesting around McLaughlin’s dinner table tonight, given that his wife is Assistant District Attorney Kelly Neel. Will McLaughlin tuck it up between his legs and ask for his job back, or will Gallegos’s second-in-command join her husband in the pursuit of new opportunities?

If McLaughlin sticks to his guns, this could be a godsend for Gallegos. He had just about run out of people to blame for his own shortcomings, and it looks like he has at least one new volunteer.