Pleas and thank yous

Kumbaya, motherfuckers. Kumbaya.

Who says we Bugs don’t have good manners?




But bygones!! Because here we are now giving a coupla big ol’ sloppy Bug thank yous to District Attorney Paul Gallegos–the man, the myth, the total and complete pantspickle.

First up: Thank you, Mr. Gallegos, for the rape this week of a young woman in Arcata.

The Times-Standard reports this about her alleged assailant, Kevin Walker:

In 2008, Walker pleaded guilty to felony assault in what was widely believed to be a hate crime in Trinidad. Walker was arrested in May 2008, along with 18-year-old Collin Roczey, after witnesses reported seeing three men fighting in a Trinidad beach parking lot. Witnesses said Walker and Roczey were holding another man down, hitting his head on the ground, hitting him with a metal pipe and stepping on his face while shouting racial slurs.

The two men were originally arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, sexual assault and kidnapping, but pleaded guilty to the assault charge in a plea deal.

And got probation!! So yay! Thanks, Paul.

Next: Thank you, Mr. District Attorney, for that shooting last week in Alton. Turns out Humboldt County’s top cop lent a helpful hand in that case as well! The Times-Standard reports that the alleged shooter in that case, a particularly upstanding individual named Michael Coen, had run afoul of the law before:

Coen pleaded guilty to assault with a deadly weapon other than a firearm in November 2009. He spent 47 days in jail, was fined $530 and sentenced to three years of probation, according to Humboldt County court records.

That 530 bucks just makes us feel grateful all over!

So thanks, Paul!! And keep up the fine work.