Evans WWE’s Berg’s senate aspirations


Berg could have been a contender.

Which of these scenarios is more plausible:

1. Former Assemblywoman Patty Berg “passes on” Pat Wiggins’ district two senate seat so that she can cap off her illustrious career editing orientation materials.

2. When Berg flies to Sacramento last week to make her case for candidacy, it is Senate pro Tem Darrell Steinberg who passes on her?

We have a hunch about this one, but one way or the other Berg went down for the count at the hands of Santa Rosa Assemblywoman Noreen Evans. (Little campaign tip, sister–because we were pulling for you here–Laytonville: not in Humboldt County. But close!! So close.)

So Berg is gone, and with it much of that which familiarity breeds. Now if only we can get her to take her little friend Bon Bon with her.

We can dream, can’t we?