Crescent City cockblocks Coastal Commission climber

The wee wonder was simply born for the stage.

Mark Lovelace’s gift for self-promotion went entirely unappreciated by the Crescent City Council which, after he sent a request for support of his nomination to the California Coastal Commission, voted instead to back someone–or actually anyone–else.

From the Crescent City Triplicate:

[Crescent City Manager Rod] Butler said the city received a letter from Humboldt County 3rd District Supervisor Mark Lovelace asking for support. Humboldt supervisors nominated Lovelace last week.

Instead, the City Council decided to send a letter to the governor supporting whomever the Del Norte County Board of Supervisors chooses to nominate.

You can’t fault the little guy for having big dreams, but this power-grabbiness is not a good look.

On anyone.

Lord of the Dunce

Manly, yes, but we like him too.

Manly, yes, but we like him too.