State budget cuts force Sheriff to house inmates in fire engines

Or maybe Media News Group budget cuts force Times-Standard to use just whatever the hell photo happens to be handy. Either way.

Remember what Chekhov said about guns? Yeah. The same principle likely applies to big-ass photos of fire engines in stories about correctional facilities.

No thanks necessary–we’re just here to help.

Singleton out at Media News Group

This isn't really Dean Singleton, but you get the general idea.

The tight-fisted former owner of the Times-Standard’s parent company has been kicked unceremoniously to the curb.

William Dean Singleton, veteran newsman and sizable fuckstick, rose from the ranks to build Media News Group, one of the world’s largest and most despised newspaper chains. He forfeited control of the company in a 2010 bankruptcy, and now has likely paid for that with his job.

Just a few days before today’s announcement, Times-Standard staff was informed that mandatory furloughs were back in effect. Word is that reporters, photographers, copy-editors, etc., will be required to take five unpaid days off in the first half of the year. That works out to about a five percent cut in pay, which may not seem like much until you consider there wasn’t much to begin with.

Editorial staff have been subjected to similar belt-tightening measures in the past. They began around the time the Eureka Reporter shut down, which is when Singleton permanently furloughed his interest in the North Coast.

Au revoir, asshat.

Photo gratefully borrowed from here.

Panic at the BK

For those of you worried that the Times-Standard’s Chris Durant was seriously butt-hurt about being featured in the Mirror’s expanded earthquake coverage, fret not. The YouTube sensation and slender half of the former Fat Guys has taken his spy-cam panic routine to fine dining establishments across the North Coast. His schedule of appearances is posted on the Times-Standard’s website, right under the notice stating that off-loading several hundred million dollars of debt in bankruptcy will have absolutely zero impact on the Media News Group’s operations.

What, me worry?