To be or not to be?

Splendide mendax

Frankly, we’re perplexed.

First this, from a recent Times-Standard article:

Shortly after being term-limited out of the Assembly, [Patty] Berg announced she was pondering a run to be the state’s insurance commissioner, the elected official who oversees the California Department of Insurance, the state’s largest consumer protection agency. Monday, she also said she will not pursue that post, and has decided to throw her support behind Dave Jones.

But not so quick, Davey Jones! Because today finds the non-candidate’s none-too-flattering mugshot on the cover of the San Francisco Chronicle, no less, alongside a photo of Michela Alioto-Pier, the San Francisco Supervisor who is “running for insurance commissioner against former Assemblywoman Patty Berg of Humboldt County.”

Is this shoddy reporting, or just another example of a local pol who doesn’t know when to quit?

We’re leaning toward the latter. By June of this year, the Patty Berg for Insurance Commissioner 2010 committee had raised $102,630–nowhere near enough to mount a statewide campaign, but enough to suggest she might be dumb enough to try.

Besides, if she’s not running, what’d she do with all that dough?

ElectionTrack reports that despite the aggressive fundraising, as of June Berg had on hand a paltry $3,449.


That is the question.

LAME UPDATE: Richard Marks has more over at Samoa Softball.