Lovelace disappointed his Board won’t do his bidding

A quick note on grammar, if we may.

The Lost Coast Outpost reports that District 3 Supervisor Mark Lovelace took to his Facebook page last week to castigate his fellow board members for not voting the way he wants on the controversial multifamily rezoning plan. But Lovelace did so in an odd way–using a grammatical variant of the genitive case to indicate ownership or possession of his fellow supervisors [emphasis ours]:

My Board needs to stop blaming staff for the difficult decision that’s before us. Staff has done everything we’ve asked of them and answered every question. Now we need to make a decision based on the information in front of us and recognize that we own the consequences of that decision. This is what we were elected to do. It’s time for my Board to do its job.

If it really was his Board, as he has said now with nauseating repetition, one might think he’d have no reason to go cry-babying all over the Internets because his fellow supervisors decline to do what he says. Yes, we understand that Lovelace is the current chair of the board, a revolving position that moves to a different district each year. That hardly qualifies him to claim ownership of four other people who were elected the same way he was to represent the voters in their districts.

So FYI, Mark. This is not your Board.

It’s ours.

And we think each supervisor’s vote should reflect the will of his or her constituents, not the dictates of a midget with a God complex.

Confidential to John Ash: Size really isn’t everything. Really.

Ash is so desperate

Two staffers from John Ash's Harbor District campaign help transport one of his supersized self-promotional postcards to the post office for mailing.

Someone’s overcompensating…

Brainstorm this, bitches

The Harbor Commission race gets all supersized and shit.

Okay, okay. The Graphics Department got liquored up last night and went a little crazy with the Photoshop. But seriously–have you seen the size of Harbor District candidate John Ash’s lawn signs? We would need a bigger lawn. They’re that big.

Maybe hiding behind the high-impact signage is a candidate who has yet to articulate what his campaign is all about.

On the subject of job creation, Ash calls for–and we’re not kidding here– “brainstorming sessions.”

As for development, you’ll have to sort this one out on your own: “Development needs to be more than a novelty; it’s about innovation toward change that is quality driven, that works well, with evidence that it will be successful.”

Uh, okay.

It’s hard to say what kind of commissioner Ash would be. But we’re more inclined to support someone whose connection to the bay comes from a lifetime of living and working on it, like Richard Marks, instead of someone whose experience is paddling around it in a kayak.

Regardless, Ash should keep in mind he’s running for the Harbor District, not the presidency. Dude needs to chillax with the lawn signs a little before that smell of desperation becomes permanent.