Frivolous California Assembly resolution targets foul-mouthed Senator

As California continues to plummet toward complete financial collapse, lawmakers in the State Assembly this month put aside a slew of important issues and devoted precious legislative time to pass a resolution that would make the first week of March “cuss-free” in the Golden State.

ACR 112, as it is known, will likely face fierce opposition from Humboldt County’s Senate representative Pat Wiggins, whose staunch defense of her First Amendment rights emboldened her to launch the infamous “bullshit” remark aimed at an African-American pastor from a Sacramento-area church during a televised committee hearing in 2008.

While Wiggins’ increasingly erratic behavior has attracted widespread media attention and concern in political circles over her “outbursts, odd displays of affection and apparent inability at times to focus or remember” that some say is evidence of her stunningly rapid mental decline, staffers have adamantly maintained that the senator is competent and fully capable of fulfilling her duties. Wiggins’ most recent outburst a little over a week ago was a screaming tirade at an empty water container that lasted for several minutes and ended with what witnesses said was her moving threateningly toward a fellow senator that caused security and staffers to intervene. Wiggins’ press aid David Miller acknowledged to the media that the 69-year-old senator has a medical condition she’s being treated for, but Miller has routinely downplayed her “irritable” behavior as a byproduct of a hearing problem.

The resolution, which was co-authored by Assemblyman Wes Chesbro (D-Arcata), could mark the latest move by Democratic leadership in Sacramento to distance themselves from Wiggins. Cal-Channel, which televises the legislature’s proceedings, already pulled the plug on televised hearings that Wiggins chairs.

According to the text of the “No Cussing” resolution, any profane outburst from Wiggins during the first week of March would encourage the Santa Rosa-based Democrat “place money in a jar…and donate collected funds to charity.” Perhaps Wiggins, who is paid more than $116,000 annually by taxpayers and may not actually know who she is or where she is at any given moment, should send any collected money to the state’s coffers to help chip away at the ballooning budget deficit.

Wiggins Batshit Crazy Redux

This crazed look is only a byproduct of a hearing problem? Photo stolen from the Press Democrat.

Apparently California Sen. Pat Wiggins has moved slightly closer to being completely batshit crazy following an incident in Sacramento this week during a packed committee meeting.

The Press Democrat reported that she yelled repeatedly at a water container before charging at another senator. She had to be subdued by security.

According to the article, Wiggins aide David Miller downplayed the event as a byproduct of Wiggins’ unspecified “medical condition.”

Miller added that the condition “does not affect her ability to do her job as a senator. But it can make her irritable, and when she’s irritable, she lets it be known.”

The senator also has a well-documented hearing problem that her staff says can make it appear as if she is angry or disoriented when she is not.

The brain of Pat Wiggins accused of new FPPC violations

Senator MacNeil

I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together, or some such weird shit.

A complaint filed with the Fair Political Practices Commission alleges Senator Pat Wiggins’ chief of staff broke California law by misusing personal information from a legislative database to raise money for her now abandoned re-election campaign.

The Santa Rosa Press Democrat reports that Sean MacNeil, above left, directed a legislative aide “on numerous occasions to gather personal information on officials across the North Coast using the Legislative Constituent Management System,” information Wiggins subsequently used to invite people to host or attend fundraising events on her behalf.

The mayor and vice mayor of Napa were among those concerned that their personal information may have been misused when Wiggins called “out of the blue” asking them to support her campaign.

Both, by the way, declined.

These are not the first allegations of impropriety to be lodged against MacNeil, who is credited by insiders with keeping Wiggins’ legislative agenda on track despite her worsening signs of dementia.

According to the Press Democrat, in 2002 MacNeil signed the name “Sean Wiggins” to the senator’s statement of economic interest. When  he was caught and asked to resubmit the document with Wiggins’ signature, he forged her name and turned it in again.

FPPC attorneys concluded at the time, “Unfortunately, he did not appreciate the seriousness of his actions, and instead of rectifying his mistake at that time, he repeated it.”

The aide who blew the whistle this time around was Dave Kinst, a self-described “definition of a disgruntled employee,” who said that didn’t make his accusations less true.

Still,  let’s wait to see how the FPPC responds. This whole thing could be–as they say–bullshit.

Photo burgled from here.

Evans WWE’s Berg’s senate aspirations


Berg could have been a contender.

Which of these scenarios is more plausible:

1. Former Assemblywoman Patty Berg “passes on” Pat Wiggins’ district two senate seat so that she can cap off her illustrious career editing orientation materials.

2. When Berg flies to Sacramento last week to make her case for candidacy, it is Senate pro Tem Darrell Steinberg who passes on her?

We have a hunch about this one, but one way or the other Berg went down for the count at the hands of Santa Rosa Assemblywoman Noreen Evans. (Little campaign tip, sister–because we were pulling for you here–Laytonville: not in Humboldt County. But close!! So close.)

So Berg is gone, and with it much of that which familiarity breeds. Now if only we can get her to take her little friend Bon Bon with her.

We can dream, can’t we?

Lawmakers amend Berg’s ‘Death with Dignity’ bill to apply to her career

Berg Smoking

Light 'em if you got 'em.

A bill that would humanely terminate the tottering career of former Assemblywoman Patty Berg is picking up support in committee and could be headed for a vote in the senate.

Modeled after Berg’s own “Compassion and Choices,” a failed initiative which would have legalized assisting in the deaths of the terminally ill, Santa Rosa Assemblywoman Noreen Evans’ “Compassion and Choice of Adult Diapers and Nursing Homes” targets old, worn out politicians who don’t have the sense to quit.

“The logic of assisted career suicide is more compelling than ever since that battle-ax Berg shoved Wiggins under the crazy bus to free up the Second District senate seat,” Evans said.

“That move left little doubt that her career is terminal. It’s time to do the right thing and help put it out of its misery.”

Berg, who was termed out of the state assembly in January, announced in the Eureka Times-Standard last week that she was considering a run for Wiggins’ seat. She has also filed papers declaring her intent to run for state insurance commissioner in 2010, when she will be 143 years old.

Evans said repeatedly that her support of the bill was not a reflection on Berg’s achievements.

“She’s done so many good things for the elderly,” Evans said. “Especially herself.”

One insider who spoke on condition of anonymity noted that Berg’s comments about a senate run have been something less than inspiring.

“It would be one thing if she were able to articulate a vision, explain to us what she hoped to accomplish in the senate. But so far it sounds like she wants to be a senator only because she doesn’t really want to be an insurance commissioner,” the insider said. “No one I know thinks she should be either.”

But supporters called those statements “unfair,” and pointed to her past accomplishments, including meddling extensively in county affairs and bringing forward 17 different bills with the word “compassion” in the title.

Berg said if elected she would earn $116,280, issue endless proclamations about nothing, and fill the senate chamber with crocheted doilies and old-lady smell.

Photo janked from here.

Always the bridesmaid, never the bride*

The Bon Bon’s damp dreams of a state senate appointment went up in smoke Monday when longtime ally and protector Patty Berg climbed over Neely’s considerable rotundness and announced her intention to grab Pat Wiggins’ senate seat for herself.

Oh snap, sistah!! That’s gonna leave a mark! But people–think about it. Berg had been, what? Like seven months without a big guzzle of milk from the public teat? You do not want to stand in the way of that shit.

No wonder the ice queen Ice Berg had such kind and thoughtful things to say about her “good friend” Senator Pat Wiggins last week– remember? Things such as, say, telling a newspaper reporter that Wiggins needed a complete neurological work-up, etc., which is code for “I may be a grizzled old lung transplant candidate, but look at the shit I can still rain down on you, biotch.”

And that’s all it took. Berg 1, Wiggins 0. It remains to be seen whether party leadership will throw candidate Noreen Evans under the bus just to give Berg a few more years of crass manipulation before that big Marlboro Man in the sky calls her home.

But who knows? Dumber things have happened. For example, Humboldt County voters have elected and re-elected Neely to the Fourth District seat since the Reagan administration. And it looks like we’re not rid of her yet.

A girl can dream, can't she?

A girl can dream, can't she?

*(Okay, we know Bon Bon was the bride once, but we got five bucks for anyone who can make heads or tails of that union, and besides, we’re speaking figuratively here.)