Who says government isn’t efficient?

Peter Douglas, Bill Pierson and the now-infamous nooner. Smile, friends!!

Within 24 hours of the filing of the last of three appeals challenging the city of Eureka’s approval of the Balloon Track interim cleanup plan, the California Coastal Commission published a surprisingly thorough 82-page legal and environmental analysis of the plan, along with the expected recommendation that the appeals be heard.

Weird, huh?

You don’t think maybe the commission got some kind of head start on that, do you?


Couldn’t be.

Even if one appellant was the commission’s lawyer for 20 years.

Or if the commission’s chair previously gave the appellant a job.

Or the appellant’s daughter is a commission staffer.

Or another appellant employs the first appellant.

Or two other appellants are current commissioners.

Or the commission’s executive director is a personal friend of the man whose business would be most affected by the Marina Center development.

No, those factors just make their achievement that much more impressive: It’s amazing they get anything done with that massive circle jerk they’ve got going.

Pete Nichol$: The quicker cash picker-upper

Now even more cash-absorbent

Soaks up legal fees twice as fast!

Ahh, the beauty of a warm fall rain. There’s nothing quite like it to send all those toxic soil contaminants flowing straight into the bay. It’s like one of those nature films they used to show in grade school, only way stupider.

Thanks to Pete Nichols and his money-maker, the Humboldt Paykeeper organization, this is a condition that may persist for years while Nichols and his raft of lawyers fight to extract their usual fee from those who would bring good jobs and affordable products to our hard-hit corner of the economy.

If only Pete were as concerned with soaking up dioxin as he is with soaking up cash.

NEC, Baykeeper continue battle to undam cash flow

As an agreement that would remove four dams on the Klamath River inches closer, a bunch of folks with “Undam the Klamath” stickers on the bumpers of their Subarus and light trucks are scrambling to make sense of their own talking points.

They want the dams removed now, so they’re going to oppose agreements to remove them in the future.

They want fish populations restored now, so they’re going to oppose agreements to restore them in the future.

They want water flows restored now, so they’re going to oppose agreements to restore them in the future.

Currently we’re being asked to wait 11 years to put the North Coast’s most important watershed back together as part of a delicate and complex series of agreements. But as one longtime river advocate said in today’s Times-Standard, “The dams will stay in place for another 50 years if this all falls apart.”

Maybe falling apart is exactly what some progs are aiming for.

You may recall that when Paykeeper and the Northcoast Environmental Center were forced to choose between dam removal and suing someone, both immediately decided they could live with the dams.

Yurok tribe policy analyst Troy Fletcher points out that Klamath issues can’t be resolved in a courtroom, but when you keep your nonprofit and your lifestyle afloat through legal extortion, it doesn’t actually matter if the issues are resolved.

Revitalizing salmon runs? Irrelevant. Preventing dioxin from leeching into the bay? Who cares. As long as Sneaky Pete Nichols has someone to sue, it’s peace on earth and all that happy shit.

Four years already?? And us without a cake.

Is the Faustian reference a Freudian slip? Regardless, get your prog on and spend an evening with Pete Nichols and his two great loves: asking for money and talking about himself. The cost is only $45 and your last shred of self-respect. Enjoy!!

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This may be indicative of a lack of the larger imagination, but we have a hard time with "party of the year" and Ralph Faust in the same thought. Is it just us?

Pete Nichols fights cleanup of contaminated site

Environmental cleanup: We can do it; she can help.

Environmental cleanup: We can do it; she can help.

Sometimes we wonder just how far over the falls Pete Nichols needs to go before the far left decides to cut him loose.

Even they must have limits, right?

Maybe not.

Here again we find Nichols and his Humboldt Paykeeper organization arguing against the repair of environmental damage–in this case, the removal of contaminated soil from the site of the proposed Marina Center project in Eureka.

This is the same guy who, as president of the Northcoast Environmental Center, withdrew from an agreement to remove dams on the Klamath River, because the proposed settlement explicitly barred the parties from suing each other.

Amusingly, and without even a hint of irony, this decision didn’t stop Nichols et al from throwing an “Un-dam the Klamath” fundraiser the following week.

Lesson learned: There’s only one body of water Nichols gives a shit about, and that’s his revenue stream.