Pierson bestie to step down from Coastal Commission

Peter Douglas, the polarizing executive director of the California Coastal Commission and frequent Bill Pierson lunch date, announced he will retire at the end of November.

Read the San Francisco Chronicle article here.

It's our party and we'll cry if we want to.

Can we get some fries with that shake?

Even in this economy, Sneaky Pete and the Bon Bon have been fortunate enough to find supplemental employment that makes full use of their skill-sets.

Substantial B.S.

Let's be BFFs!

So, it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that all of the power drunk California Coastal commissioners agreed during their meeting today that there were “substantial issues” raised in the EPIC, Paykeeper, NEC and Ralph Faust appeal of the phase one of the Marina Center project’s local coastal plan amendment approved recently by the city of Eureka.

Executive Director Peter Douglas’ long winded explanation of the California Coastal Commission’s procedures that have routinely denied the public to weigh in on such appeals “for decades” took longer than the actual discussion by the commissioners.

By discussion, we mean the three commissioners who disclosed their ex parte communications prior to today’s meeting with environmental groups that were in favor of the appeals.

So the matter will be brought back before the Coastal Commission at an as yet undetermined date for a hearing where the public may weigh in.

Perhaps we missed it, but there was no mention by Douglas of his ongoing lunch dates with the local businessman who stands to lose the most when the Marina Center project moves forward.

Maybe that issue will be raised by someone at the next meeting.

Who says government isn’t efficient?

Peter Douglas, Bill Pierson and the now-infamous nooner. Smile, friends!!

Within 24 hours of the filing of the last of three appeals challenging the city of Eureka’s approval of the Balloon Track interim cleanup plan, the California Coastal Commission published a surprisingly thorough 82-page legal and environmental analysis of the plan, along with the expected recommendation that the appeals be heard.

Weird, huh?

You don’t think maybe the commission got some kind of head start on that, do you?


Couldn’t be.

Even if one appellant was the commission’s lawyer for 20 years.

Or if the commission’s chair previously gave the appellant a job.

Or the appellant’s daughter is a commission staffer.

Or another appellant employs the first appellant.

Or two other appellants are current commissioners.

Or the commission’s executive director is a personal friend of the man whose business would be most affected by the Marina Center development.

No, those factors just make their achievement that much more impressive: It’s amazing they get anything done with that massive circle jerk they’ve got going.

BFFs rock the BK

While it’s true that Bill Pierson’s usual lunch table at Hurricane Kate’s now frequently sits empty–no worries, prog friends! We ran into Bill and his friend Peter Douglas, executive director of the California Coastal Commission, rolling it low-pro at an undisclosed Eureka location.  Sure, the menu’s different–this fine dining establishment is not so much in the bacon-wrapped scallops department–but Bill’s still having it his way, and his carefully cultivated alliance with the man whose agency is ultimately responsible for deciding the fate of his rival’s development proposal still stinks worse than last week’s lobster bisque.

Maybe the Reisling would have been a better pairing for the Chicken Tenders.

Maybe the Reisling would have paired better with the Chicken Tenders.

California Coastal Commission: The movie

Residents of Humboldt County of course aren’t the first to raise concerns about the California Coastal Commission’s arrogant and capricious ways. Turns out it’s a refrain so common someone made a movie about it. It likely won’t win any theatrical awards, but it stars Peter Douglas, Coastal Commission co-founder and executive director, and famous lunch date of competition-phobic Marina Center opponent Bill Pierson. Check out the film trailer below. Enjoy!!

Artistic license

Bill Pierson keeps Eureka beautiful, by keeping all of that unsightly competition to an absolute minimum. Such civic pride!!

The Bromance