Mark prays for deliverance

We knew he used to make banjos, but we never knew he could play them too.


The Board of Supervisors meeting today got noticeably less dull when outgoing 5th District Supervisor Jill Duffy called bullshit on a move by her fellow supervisors to rush through the nomination of Mark Lovelace to replace Bonnie Neely on the Coastal Commission.

Fireworks ensued.

Duffy objected for a variety of reasons, including that Board Chairman Clif Clendenen should have contacted and solicited input from incoming supervisors Ryan Sundberg and Virginia Bass. But that wasn’t what Bonnie told Clif to do. D’oh!!

The decision on who will replace Neely will ultimately be made by the Govornator. (We’ll link to the video when it comes available, because it’s worth watching Duffy, and the other 20 or so people, bitchslap Little Lovelace.)