When good acronyms go bad

Are we effing dyslexic?

Early-morning readers of the Times-Standard’s website were treated to yet another headline error, this one stating that “EDP” officers would be joining the Sheriff’s SWAT team.

When asked if the Eureka Police Department had changed its name, Times-Standard ace reporter Thadeus Greenson said it had not, and explained that the newspaper was “experimenting with a variety of error formats” intended to enhance the readership experience.

“Any newspaper can screw up complicated things,” Greenson explained, “but we’re focusing our efforts on making mistakes that are accessible to everyone.

“I mean fuck,” he said. “We misspelled a fucking three-letter acronym in a headline. It doesn’t get much more accessible than that.”

He added that future flubs could include inadvertently reporting both sides of a story, and continuing to run John Driscoll’s sappy column.