Court rules Caltrans not planning to go all crazy on big trees

If the Progs felt the end of the world was nigh when Walmart opened in the area’s largest retail mall last month, today’s revelation is all four Horsemen of the Apocalypse giddyupping right over their tree-hugging backs.

Although there is some federally ordered remapping of trees to be done, the Humboldt County Superior Court ruled in favor of Caltrans and gives the go ahead for the Richardson Grove Improvement Project to move forward. It might be the final straw that forces the environmental and job-hating groups to commit a Heaven’s Gate-style mass suicide. Oh no, slightly larger trucks are coming!!!

We kid. But seriously. In his 30-page decision, Judge Dale Reinholtsen said the court determined that Caltrans isn’t the Devil and doesn’t hate trees. Particularly really big, old redwood trees. And not surprisingly, he found that Caltrans followed California’s environmental laws just fine. Desperate appeals from oddly named people or groups to follow no doubt.

A tale of three groves

Uh, yeah--Graphics Dept.? You forgot HARMONY Groves.

Peace, love and cognitive dissonance

After Highway 101 is realigned, environmentalists will be able to drive tanks like this one straight through Richardson Grove.


A bunch of peace-loving activists picked a fight with the EPD yesterday while protesting the widening of Highway 101 through Richardson Grove.

Maybe it was the militaristic symbolism on their protest poster, pictured here, that caused the dust-up.

Oh well. Consider this just another example of our friends the “progressives” living their high-minded values.

So inspiring!!