Democracy, evidently, is meaningless


Democracy No! Progs tell Eurekans their votes don’t matter.

When opponents of Measure N were unable to fund and field a team, they decided that instead of participating in any sort of exchange of ideas they would simply tell Eurekans that voting to rezone the Balloon Track would be meaningless.

Tom Peters did his best to make the Progs’ case against democracy in a letter to the editor of the Times-Standard, in which he called the measure “a popularity contest bought and paid for by Security National.”

Which makes it quite a bit more pallatable, in our view, than the popularity contests known as Measure T, Measure F and Measure J, all of which were actually bought and paid for with public funds–which, from what we hear, are, like, in short supply or something.

But remember those ballot measures? Measure T in 2006 promised local control, and instead got us a bunch of local legal bills to defend the piece of shit. Measures F and J from 2008 promised to get military recruiters out of public schools in Arcata and Eureka, but instead got Eureka’s City Attorney pulled off of real work so she could work on this snipe hunt instead. Not to mention the thousands of dollars it cost to put the measures on ballots in the first place.

Opponents of all three said from the start they would never pass consitutional muster, and indeed they didn’t. None of which stopped every prog in town from telling us it was our democratic duty to vote for them anyway.

So when Tom Peters tries to get his moral indignation on and tell us “SN must go through the regular lawful process like everyone else,” we have but two things to say. One, this is a lawful process, moron. And two, if SN went through the same process as everyone else, the only difference we see is that the taxpayers of Eureka would be picking up the tab instead.