Look what I got from Santa. WTF?

After 24 years of public service, this is the best Santa can do?


Dismal Primary Election results force Neely braintrust into desperately negative runoff campaigning

Fuck you if you don't vote for me!

When the most recent (yet baseless) negative press release distributed to one blog from the quarter-century incumbent didn’t gain sufficient political traction with voters, Fourth District Supervisor Bonnie Neely’s campaign has decided to go even more negative against challenger Eureka Mayor Virginia Bass.

The message is simple: “Fuck you if you don’t vote for me!”

BREAKING: The Bon Bon takes to the twittersphere!

The six-term pachyderm strikes back!

And she’s not looking all that happy!

Humboldt County’s version of Robert Byrd unveiled her latest social media project–the BonBonForever twitter account!

No really! It’s her!!

At least it sure sounds like her.

For example, check out her very first tweet:

I spent $113,000 and got 1,455 votes. That’s $77 each! Should be able to buy unused absentee ballots for less than that. #BonnieNeely

Yup. Totally her.

So bookmark that page, Bon Bon fans. We think there will be more of her trademark brilliance to come!

Bonnie Neely: The six-term pachyderm

“[The voters] understand that in order to defend our shared beliefs in this election, I need help from friendships I’ve developed throughout the state,” to partially offset all the friendships she’s burned in Humboldt County.