Blind item

Which shotgun-wielding failed harbor commission candidate is actively working to subvert the will of Second District voters while campaigning for Clif Clendenen?

Could it be the one handing out Clendenen for Supervisor fliers and instructing Rodoni supporters to write in Johanna’s name on the ballot?

It’s worth noting that we have not endorsed, and will not endorse, any candidate for any position. We believe county voters are smart enough to look at the facts, weigh the issues, and make their own informed decisions.

But we think it’s downright undemocratic to intentionally mislead voters about how to elect the candidate of their choice. Tactics such as these typify the unethical, win-at-all-costs approach that has so marred politics in Humboldt County.

Second District voters wanting to see Johanna Rodoni continue to occupy the seat vacated when her husband was killed in a car accident four weeks ago should mark the oval next to Roger Rodoni’s name and should not write in the name of any other candidate.

Don’t be fooled. A write-in vote for Johanna is a vote against her possible continued appointment to serve in Roger’s stead—no matter what some people tell you.