Wiggins Batshit Crazy Redux

This crazed look is only a byproduct of a hearing problem? Photo stolen from the Press Democrat.

Apparently California Sen. Pat Wiggins has moved slightly closer to being completely batshit crazy following an incident in Sacramento this week during a packed committee meeting.

The Press Democrat reported that she yelled repeatedly at a water container before charging at another senator. She had to be subdued by security.

According to the article, Wiggins aide David Miller downplayed the event as a byproduct of Wiggins’ unspecified “medical condition.”

Miller added that the condition “does not affect her ability to do her job as a senator. But it can make her irritable, and when she’s irritable, she lets it be known.”

The senator also has a well-documented hearing problem that her staff says can make it appear as if she is angry or disoriented when she is not.