Carson Park Mofo blows gold medal in Olympic blog-neglecting event

Carson Park Mofo, occasional administrator of the Eureka Standard blog, came up short Thursday in his quest for the gold in the Olympic blog-neglecting event.

Mofo went 13 days without a new post, just three shy of the world record set in July by Mofo’s archrivals, the Humboldt Mirror bugs.

“Team Mofo was putting up some pretty big numbers,” an ebullient Humbug said after the medals ceremony. “He went 13 days, which is respectable, but keep in mind I’ve had hangovers last longer than that. ”

Veteran Olympic commentator Bob Costas had predicted that the showdown between two of the laziest bloggers in the world would provide one of the defining moments of the 29th Olympiad, and the event lived up to its billing.

“By God, this is what American sport is all about,” Costas effused–“right down to the persistent doping rumors. The bugs certainly set the bar low. The Mofo just couldn’t quite slink under it.”